Basic Scientific Research (BSR) Instrumentation Center

            The BSR Instrumentation Center is established in the year 2009 utilizing the UGC grand for Basic Scientific Research fund. The Hi – Tech Analytical Instruments such us

  • UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  • FT-IR spectrophotometer
  • CHI-Electrochemical workstation with cell system
  • Gel Electrophoresis (Bio Tech Gel imaging) with their accessories.

The instrumentation center is further equipped under DST-FIST support in the year 2016 with Sophisticated Scientific Instruments such as

  • Bench top XRD
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Flame Photometer
  • Lyophilizer
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge

Characterization Studies

     The characterization studies of synthesized compounds, the intercalation studies, gel imaging of DNA binding, amount of important metals in soil samples, water samples, synthesized samples and biological samples (in ppm scale) are analyzed. Biological samples are centrifuged in deep refrigerated.

       The accuracy in results obtained are very much useful for doing projects/dissertation by the science department students /scholars of JAC and other institutions. The center extends consultancy services at nominal cost. The service render by BSR Instrumentation Center enable the scholars and students to complete their project work in stipulated time.

Guidelines to submit the samples

  • The instruments are available to all the students, research scholars and faculty members of the university and affiliated institutions and other educational institutions on chargeable basis as mentioned in the table below.
  • The users are to submit the requisition forms with the samples. Out station users may contact the centre by e- mail (bsrjac17@gmail.com) to reserve time slot for their use and visit with the samples on the date of appointment.
  • As soon as the analysis is over, the results along with the receipt / bill will be sent to the users.
  • If you are sending them by mail, please enclose the payment along with the samples and address the same to:

                               BSR- Basic Scientific Research Instrumentation Centre

                              Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous)

                              Periyakulam – 625601.