Semester Examination

  • Semester Examinations are conducted in November and April every academic year. The question paper consists of objective, paragraph and essay type questions.
  • After paying the prescribed fees through ONLINE on or before the prescribed dates, applications are submitted to the office of CoE. Applications submitted after the due dates are not accepted.
  • All theory question papers for semester examinations will be set by external examiners.
  • All the Science students in the U.G. and P.G. programmes take practical examinations (including B.Com. (CA)) at the end of end semester.


  • For students, who represent the College in sports, participate in competitions, attend N.C.C./N.S.S. camps, take medical leave on genuine reason etc. with due approval from the Principal, examinations are conducted specially for them again for those examinations-both internal and semester examinations missed by them.


  • A student can appear for arrear examinations irrespective of the semesters but the number of arrear papers per semester is limited to 5.
  • A U.G / P.G student is eligible to appear for arrears in the same syllabus for 6/5 years from the date of joining the programme.
  • After 6/5 years she is eligible to write the arrears in the regulation existing at the time. In case the particular paper is not available in the existing regulation, she may be permitted to appear in the equivalent paper which may be decided by the Chairman of the Board of Studies concerned.
  • Examinations for practical arrear papers are conducted during the practical examinations of respective semesters only.


  • Centralized evaluation is conducted for U.G semester examination answer scripts.
  • There is double valuation for P.G. scripts, with the subject teacher being one examiner and an external examiner being the second. If the difference of marks between the two valuations is 15 and above, the scripts will be sent for third valuation and the average of the closest two marks will be taken.
  • Evaluation of practical examinations is made jointly by one internal and one external examiner
  • M.Phil. dissertations are evaluated by one external examiner. Viva Voce examination is conducted jointly by one external and one internal examiner.


  • After the semester examinations, the results will be scrutinized by the Awards Committee and published online and displayed in Office of CoE notice board as well.
  • Students will be given a mark sheet for every semester examination. At the end of the programme, a consolidated mark sheet of the final results based on weighted credit point system will be awarded to each student.


  • Students who wish to apply for revaluation should contact Office of CoE the within 15 working days after the publication of results to get the application form and details of fee for revaluation.

Supplementary Examinations

  • It is conducted two weeks after the publications of even semester examination results.
  • The students who have passed all examinations from semester I to V ( I to III in P.G.) in first attempt but have arrears only in the VI semester (IV in P.G.) are eligible to appear for the supplementary examination.
  • If a student is absent for the examination she is not eligible to write the supplementary examination.


  • If a student is found indulging in any kind of malpractice either in the CIA tests or in the Semester examinations they have to appear for an enquiry with their parents on the dates specified by the chairman of the Discipline Committee.
  • If the Disciplinary Committee finds that the student is guilty of having indulged in malpractice, punishment is given according to the nature of malpractice.