Knowledge is the factual proposition in the mind of an individual. Research is an invaluable tool for building on crucial knowledge. It is the process of discovering new knowledge for the development of new concepts or the advancement of existing knowledge and theories, leading to a new understanding. Many funding agencies in India and abroad provide financial assistance for research project proposals submitted by researchers all over the world under various schemes.

Faculty members under unaided stream find difficulty in receiving these funds, as these funding agencies provide funds only for faculty members in regular position in Colleges and Universities. Also, only limited number of PG Students/Scholars receive funds for their projects from State and National funding agencies. In view of this scenario, the College aims to provide financial assistance to faculty members under unaided stream and PG Students/Scholars under the scheme named “JACFRPJayaraj Annapackiam College Funded Research Projects” to promote research ambience among them, from the academic year 2021-’22.


Dr. Mrs.A. Jegatha Christy

Project Development Officer