Scholarships play a vital role in opening up avenues to Higher Education to First Generation Learners, Students from Minority and Weaker Sections and Sports Students. The College takes all possible efforts to procure scholarships of all kinds from available resources to support financially unsound students. Every academic year approximately 1,500 students receive various scholarships.


Scheme of Scholarships

  1. MBC/DNC Free Education Scholarship
  2. BC Free Education Scholarship
  3. Adi-Dravidar Prize Money Award
  4. Adi- Dravidar Hr. Studies Special Scholarship
  5. Adi-Dravidar Welfare Govt. of India Scholarship
  6. Tamil Nadu Farmer Social Security Scheme Scholarship
  7. C. Post metric Scholarship
  8. B. C. Post metric Scholarship
  9. Adi-Dravidar Welfare State Scholarship
  10. History Tamil Medium Stipend
  11. SC State Free-Education Scholarship
  12. Spices Board Scholarship
  13. Thanthai Periyar E.V.R. Nagammai Free-Education
  14. Tamilnadu Educational Trust
  15. Indra Gandhi P.G. Sholarship for single Girl Child
  16. UGC Scholarship for Community College


  1. Poor Student Fund by the Management
  2. Travel Support
  3. Mess Concession
  4. Poor student Fund by the faculty
  5. Chelladurai Scholarship
  6. Student Aid Fund
  7. Management Scholarship
  8. HOUSTON Tamil Church Scholarship