Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry has risen supreme since 1979, headed by eminent leaders and strengthened by committed faculty members. The Department offers UG, PG and Ph.D. Programmes. Allied Chemistry courses are provided for the students of Physics and Zoology. The Skill Based and Non Major elective courses are offered by the department to cater to the needs of the parent department and of other disciplines.
Need based and job oriented curriculum and course content are structured and updated with the approval of experts in BOS and academic council every year. Teaching Learning process is reinforced by the dedicated teachers of the Department. The maintenance of versatile departmental library with more than 300 new books, quenches the intellectual thrust of the students as well as of the Professors.
The upgradation to Post Graduate Course in 2008 has set a mile stone in the department. The untiring efforts of Dr.Sr.Y.Yesu Thangam have uplifted the department with excellent infrastructure facilities. Hi Tech instruments such as UV-Visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR, Electro Chemical analyser, Photocatalytic reactor etc., have triggered the Research activities of the department.
The launch of M.Phil programme in 2014 enhanced the Department into Research Center and registration regulations designed for Ph.D. in 2015 have added a feather to the department.
Dr.Sr.Y. Yesu Thangam, Dr.M. Kalanithi and Dr.C. Mary Anbarasi completed a Minor Project (2007-2009) funded by the UGC. Dr. Sr. Y.Yesu Thangam, (2011-2014) functioned as the Principal Investigator for the UGC funded interdisciplinary Major Project in collaboration with Zoology Department. Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli (Co-Investigator) completed an interdisciplinary Major Project (2014-2017) in collaboration with Mathematics Department funded by the UGC.
Dr.Sr.Y. Yesu Thangam, Associate Professor, Dr.A.Mary Imelda Jayaseeli, Associate Professor, Dr.M.Kalanithi, Associate Professor and Dr.C.Mary Anbarasi, Associate Professor are recognized as Research Supervisors of Mother Teresa Women’s University. Kodaikanal. The Department has taken the credit of producing three doctorates, Dr.R.Anitha, Dr.K.Southamani and Dr.M.Kalaimathi; and four research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. programme at present.
Dr.Sr.Y. Yesu Thangam received seven National and State level awards and acted as the NAAC coordinator/member for four times. Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli was awarded the title, Kalvisudar, by Theni Kalai Ilakiya maiyam. Dr. M. Kalanithi was received Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Lifetime Achievement National Award
The department prepares course materials and lab manuals for the new courses regularly. The staff published four books for Elective, Value Education and Allied Courses respectively.
Our department faculty evince keen interest in research activities and publish research papers in reputed Journals (Total: 79 as on April 2023). Staff and students present research articles in National and International conferences in and out of the country. Dr.Sr.Y. Yesu Thangam presented two papers and Dr. C. Mary Anbarasi, three papers abroad and received one best paper award. Dr.Sr.Y. Yesu Thangam, Dr. M. Kalanithi and Dr.C. Mary Anbarasi served as reviewers and Editorial members for international journals. Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli and Dr.C. Mary Anbarsi have been subject experts on Board of Studies for other colleges. Our faculty members serve as resource persons in and out of the campus.
Students’ scientific acumen has enabled them to attend summer research programmes, seminars, competitions and present papers in Conferences in and out of the campus. UGC, IAS and CSIR funded liberally for conducting Seminars, Lectures, workshops, Sr. Yesu Thangam Endowment Lecture series and Inter-Collegiate programmes / competitions. CHEM-FEST competitions draw out Chemistry students’ interest in the subject. Students are encouraged and guided to participate, excel and bring laurels in intercollegiate competitions. Ms.S.Shanthipriya, Ms.N.Ramya, Ms. M. Ponpriya, Ms.K.A.Divyalakshmi and Ms.P.Vaisali were awarded with IAS Summer Research Fellowship.
Adopting eco benign methods for microscale procedures in practical classes is an exemplary practice. The Department provides ample opportunities to train the students in the preparation of Applied Chemistry products such as Phenyl, washing powder, washing liquid, soap oil, toilet cleaner, cleaning powder, pain balm, cylinder sambrani and decorative candles etc., and develop the entrepreneurial skills in them. Students’ enrolment in the Startup Programme Lab to Land has generated income for them to meet their academic expenses under earn while learn scheme. Preparation of Hand sanitizer and Hand wash adhering to WHO formulation during the crisis of COVID –19 pandemic shows the social concern of the Department.
Teachers Meet is conducted regularly to promote healthy interaction for upholding the services to the betterment of students. Mentoring system is followed to give guidance to the students towards holistic development to face today’s societal crises.
Our proud alumnae are well placed in various sectors in India and abroad as Professors, teachers, social workers, administrators, company employees, entrepreneurs, higher officials in police department, home makers, Managing Directorsetc. The department maintains a good rapport with the alumnae and the parents of the students.


  • Imparting Chemistry with values for acquisition and application of knowledge to empower rural women for the wholesome development of self, family and society and secure the nation its rightful place in the World.


  • Providing rural women with theoretical knowledge and empirical skills in chemistry and opportunities for their application to face and tackle challenges in real life to the advantage of self and humanity


• B.Sc.
• M.Sc.
• Ph.D
• Certificate Course in IT Skills for Chemists
• Diploma course in Modern Cosmetics

Teaching Staff – Aided Programme
Teaching Staff – Un-Aided Programme
Retired Staff
  • Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam, Associate Professor
  • Mrs. C. Vijaya, Associate Professor
  • Dr. K. Southamani, Associate Professor


Date Title Agency Level
26-27 February, 2009 Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -3) CSIR National
18-19 February, 2010 Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -4) UGC National
15-16 December, 2011 Lecture – Workshop on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -5) IAS
20 December, 2012 Inter Collegiate Students Seminar JAC Regional
08-09 January,2015 Lecture – Workshop on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -6) UGC National
11-12 January,2017 Lecture – Workshop on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -7) UGC National
23 January,2017 Lecture – Workshop on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -8) UGC National
17-19 January,2018 International Workshop on Statistics using Excel and SPSS in Collaboration with AIMST University JAC Regional
28-29 September,2018 Lecture – Workshop on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -9) IAS National
10th Dec.2019 Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC -10) National
11th-12th June, 2020 Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC –I-1)
29th -30th June, 2020 E-quiz on Group Theory and its applications to Chemistry
11th -12th March, 2021 Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC – I- 2)
18th Sep. 2021 Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC – I- 3)
19th Dec. 2022 International Webinar on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC-I-4)
09th Jan. 2023 Intercollegiate Meet – Chem spring’22


Major projects

Name of the Faculty Title of Research Project Funding Agency Period


Fund Sanctioned (Rs. Lakhs)

Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam

(Principal investigator)

Evaluation of Novel Quinones as Phototherapeutic UGC 2011-2014 9, 29, 800

Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli

(Co – investigator)

Mathematical Modelling and Computing Systems for Simulating Interaction of Metallodrugs with Proteins UGC 2014-2017 14,55,000

Minor project

Name of the Faculty Title of Research Project Funding Agency Period


Fund Sanctioned (Rs. Lakhs)

Dr.Sr.Y.Yesu Thangam(Principal investigator)

 Mrs.M. Kalanithi and Mrs.C. Mary Anbarasi (Co-Investigators)

Corrosion Inhibition by Oxyanions UGC 2007-2009 ₹ 1,00,000


  • One Staff member received JACFRP fund of 25,000
  • One Research scholar received JACFRP fund of 10,000
  • Two M.Sc. Students got JACFRP fund of 10,000
  • One M.Sc. Student received TNSCST fund of 7,000


Research Advisors

  • A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli has been awarded as approved guide for Ph.D from the year 2014, by Mother Teresa Women’s  University, Kodaikanal.
  • M. Kalanithi has been awarded as approved guide for Ph.D programme from the year 2016, by Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal.
  • C. Mary Anbarasi, has been awarded as approved guide for Ph.D from the year 2017, by Mother Teresa Women’s  University, Kodaikanal


Patent Awarded


S.No. Name of the Staff & Designation Title of the Invention Date
1. Dr. M. Kalanithi,

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Nanofibre coated Lab table (Patent Office Journal No. 11/2023. Design Patent and its number: 361324-001) 17.03.2023
2. Sr. S. Sahaya Leenus,

Assistant Professor in Chemistry

A cost Effective and Low Power consuming Textile Effluent Treatment Method for Effluent Reclamation 04.11.2022
3. Mrs. S. Pooranalakshmi, Assistant Professor Deep Eutectic Solvents-Based Agent Bearing Derivatives of Caprolactone for Drug Carrier Applications (The Patent Journal Office No. 53/2021) 31.12.2021


Book Publications

Year Name of the staff & Designation Title of the Book published ISBN Number


Sr.S.Sahaya Leenus, Assistant Professor Value Education 978-81923121-4-9
Sr.T.Johny Dathees,

Assistant Professor

Value Education 978-81923121-4-9
2020-2021 Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli,

Dr. M. Kalanithi,

Dr. C. Mary Anbarasi, Sr.S.Sahaya Leenus

Sr.T.Johny Dathees

Allied Chemistry Volume- I 978-81-2344-027-9
2021-2022 Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli,

Dr. M. Kalanithi,

Dr. C. Mary Anbarasi,

Mrs. S. Pooranalakshmi

Allied Chemistry III and IV 978-93-94899-90-2


List of Ph.D Scholars

Name of the Guide Name of the Scholars Status
Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam Dr. R. Anitha Completed


Dr. K. Southamani Completed


Dr. M. Kalaimathi Completed


Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli Ms. S. Jeevitha Rani Submitted


Dr. M. Kalanithi Ms. C. Kanagavalli Pursuing

Dr. C. Mary Anbarasi

Mrs. S. Meena Pursuing
Mrs. A. Jerli Auxilia Pursuing



  • Awards to Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam:

  • Vice-president of Tamil Nadu Region of Xavier Board of Higher Education in India from 2007-2012

  • Peer Team Member for NAAC Reaccreditation from 9th – 11th August 2012 for Government City College, Hyderabad

  • C. Mary Anbarasi won the best paper certificate in the 3rd World Conference on Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology (WCSCT- 2014) at Kathmandu, Nepal from 27th to 29th September, 2014.

  • A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli, Associate Professor in Chemistry, was awarded with the title Kalvisudar by Theni Kalai Ilakiyamayam on 24th March, 2018

  • Bagged Overall shield in Intercollegiate competitions (2 times) by students (2017-18 and 2018-19)

  • J. Jeevitha Rani, Research Scholar won Best Poster Presentation Award in the International Seminar organized by  Loyola College (Autonomous), Chennai on 18th February, 2019

  • Our students won I place in the “March-past Competition” conducted during Golden Jubilee sports meet day on 20.02.2021

  • Dr. M. Kalanithi Associate Professor of Chemistry has received Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Lifetime Achievement National Award for excellence in teaching, research and publications from KRIST Foundations (R), Bengaluru on 19.11.2022

Awards & Shields

    • Department of Chemistry won the overall shield for students competition conducted at Adichuchanagiri Womens College, Cumbum (Bio- Banquet 06)

    • Department of Chemistry won the overall shield for students competition conducted at Ganthigram Rural University, Gandhigram (Resonance- 08)

    • PG and Research Center of Chemistry was awarded with Science overall shield for the maximum points received by the students in EPISTEME – 2018, competitions  organized by Thiravium College of Arts and Science for Women, Kailasapatti.

    • Our College was recognized with overall shield for the maximum points acquired in the competitions EPISTEME – 2018 organized at Thiravium College of Arts and Science for Women, Kailasapatti, by the Students of Chemistry.

    • 16 of our students won third place in the March Past competition during Annual Sports Meet. K.Vinitha and V.Arockia Jinciya won second and third places respectively in Long Jump competition on 25.01.2014.

    • During Annual Sports meet, the Chemistry department students obtained the status Winners in Ball Badminton and Volley Ball. Runners in Basket Ball and Badminton in the Intramural Competitions conducted from 04.01.18 to 19.01.18. The overall Shield for the above competitions was won by the Chemistry department students.

    • Our Students participated in the State level ‘Chem Fest 2020’ organized through  online mode by Sri Parasakthi College for Women [Autonomous], Courtallam on 24.10.2020. Selvi S. Pradhiba, II B.Sc, won third prize in paper presentation and Selvi M. S. Riddi Gayathri won third prize in poster painting.

    • Selvi A. Percia Deena, II M.Sc., Chemistry won II prize in digital poster presentation in the ‘Intecollegiate competition’ organized by Lady College, Madurai, on 26.02.2021.


Prominent Alumni


Name Current Position 

Mobile no.

1.   Dr.S. Sribharani Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Thiagarajar College, Madurai  


2. Mrs. Booma Natesan Support Teaching Assistant, North Beckton Primary School, East London, UK. +447403393654
3.  Mrs.K.Maheshwari, ADSP  CDCID


4.  Ms.Y. Elin Shibi Assistant Professor, Loyola College of Education, Chennai 7601938354
5. Dr.N. Revathi Assistant Professor, Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam. 8778235269
6. Ms. G. Gohulavani Assistant Professor, Ethiraj College for Women, Ethiraj Salai, Chennai. 9994680712
7.   Amala Anu Priya Director, Zeus Multi Solutions, No.17, 1st Floor, 1st Cross Street, Vijayanagar, Velachery, Chennai. 8870165221
8.  A. Santhana Priya PDF, Singapore

DBT- JRF,  Bharathidasan University,


9. Dr. J. Helen Ratna Monica Bursar and Associate Professor of Chemistry,

The American College, Madurai.

10. Dr. R. Jeyalakshmi HOD of Chemistry, SRM University, Chennai. 9444107321
11.   Dr. S. Chandravathanam Associate Professor  of Chemistry,

SRM University, Chennai.

12.   Mrs. Lakshmi Mohan Writer & Music Therapist for Autistic Children, R. A. Puram, Chennai. 9962129333
13.   Dr. K. Parameshwari Head & Associate Professor  of Chemistry,

Karunya University, Coimbatore.

14.  Dr. F. Cruz Malai Selvi HOD of Computer Science, Govt. Arts College, Kumbakonam. 9442861773
15.  Sr. Maria Nirmala Headmistress, St. Agnes Girls Hr. Sec. School, Rayappanpatti. 9566590004
16. Mrs.I. Prabha Associate Professor of Chemistry, Bharathiar University, Coimbature. 7395909085
17.  Dr. Asha Banu Soletti Professor, Center for Health and Mental Health, School of Social Work, TATA Institute of Social Work, Mumbai. +912225525465
18.  Dr. J. Sathya bama Head & Associate Professor of Chemistry, GTN college, Dindugul. 9994212191
19. J. A. Mano Sheeba R & D Analyst, Naga Limited, Dindugal. 9486729922
20.  Dr. Indra mahalakshmi Associate Professor, CPA College, Bodinayakanur. 7871669310
21. M. Ponpriya Patent Analyst, Molecular Connections, Bangalore. 7448355017
22. T. Chitra Devi Advocate 8428470331
23. Ms.K.A.Divyalakshmi Junior Patent Analyst, Molecular Connections, Bengalore. 8778944580
24. Ms.T.Madhumitha Junior Scientific Analyst, Molecular Connections, Thiruchenkodu. 9952569378
25.  S.Kavitha Manager-Underwriting

IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Madurai.

26.  Dr.M.Nagarathinam Head,  Associate Professor of Chemistry,Dhanabagyam Krishnaswamy Mudaliar College for Women’s, Autonomous.Vellore. 9486726445
27.  Mrs. R.Saranya Business Development Executive Logistics And Shipping, Dubai, UAE +971563611169


Intercom. 04546231482-205
Email chemsem@annejac.ac.in
PTA Meet for Freshers
Teachers Day Celebration-Photos
PG and Research Center of Chemistry organized a one day Hands on Training Programme for the Preparation of Applied Chemistry Products in the UG Lab on 22.09.2021.
Chemistry Association Meeting was Conducted on 22.09.2021. Programmes Organized- Juniors Welcome, Talk on Self Cleaning Surfaces and Chemistry of Fruits and Vegetables.
Consultancy Cell Organized Domonstration of UV-Visible Spectophotometry on 22nd September,2021.The Beneficieries are Research Scholars, PG Students and Faculty Members From Science Department of JAC.
PG and Research Center of Chemistry Organized a Hands on Training for Startup Programme on “Making of Phenyl and Washing Powder” on 26-10-2021. 10 Students Participated and got benifited.
PG and Research Center of Chemistry Organized a Hands on Training for Startup Programme on “Making Candles” on 26-10-2021. 10 Students Participated and got benifited.
PG and Research Center of Chemistry organized workshop on “Food Adulteration and Testing” at 10.30 am in PG Chemistry Laboratory on 28.10.2021. All the IDC – II PG students participated and benefitted.
Alumnae Meeting PG & Research Center of Chemistry -23.11.2021
PG and Research Center of Chemistry conducted Parent-Teachers Meet on 01.08.2022.

Alumnae Meet
BSR Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam Endowment
Extension Programme

Industrial Visit

Intercolligiate meet

International Webinars
National Seminars

Science Expo
Startup Programme


Bulletin Board

Inception : 1979
Programmes Offered : UG




No. of Faculty members : 10
No. of Students : UG: 135


Ph.D: 4

No. of Awards : Faculty: 18

Students:  Overall shield: 07

IAS Summer Research Fellowship : 07

Paper Publications : National:26


Impact Factor: 0.797 – 2.108. average : 2.46

h-index : 13

i10-index: 11

Paper Presentations : National:97


Conference / Workshop Attended : National:84


Conference / Workshop Organized : International: 04

National   : 10

State Level: 05

Science Expo : 06