Student Council

  • Student Council is a singular feature of the college comprise of Student Secretary (from UG III year) and Student Joint Secretary (from UG II year). Union election is held at the starting of every academic year preceded by a sportive healthy campaign in a peaceful atmosphere, which enhanced democratic values in students, acts as a forge to mould leadership qualities, managerial and organizational skills and cooperative spirit for peaceful corporate life in the college. It nurtures amity, harmony and fellowship among students, leaving no room for ragging in the campus. College union representatives discharge their responsibilities under the guidance of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Secretaries and Joint Secretaries of various Associations, Clubs and Cells are the office bearers of the College Union.
  • College Union Secretary and Joint Secretary are the members of the Statuary /non Statuary bodies like Campus Amenity Fund Committee, Anti Raging Cell and Grievances Cell.
  • The important National festivals are celebrated with great significance and grandeur. The important instructions from Collector Office, JDCE and UGC are followed and reports are sent. Swachh Bharat, Voters Day, Youth Awakening Day, National Unity day, National Integration day etc. are observed
  • The student council arrange programmes on important days such as Juniors Welcome, College union inauguration, St. Anne’s Feast day celebration, Teachers Day, Christmas day, New Year day, Pongal celebration, candle lighting ceremony etc.
  • Student council members participate volunteer programmes for flood campaign