Dates to Remember



27 – April 2020 to 02 – May 2020 Effective Usage of ICT tools for E- content Preparation by Department of Computer Science
06 & 07– May 2020 Digital Tools for Smart Classroom in Higher Education by Department of Computer Science
09 to 14 – May 2020 Effective Usage of ICT Tools for Smart Teaching by Department of Computer Science
18 – May 2020 Online Net/Set Coaching Paper II by the PG Department of English
22 – May 2020 National Webinar on History of COVID – 19 Pandemic by Department of History
24 – May 2020 National Online Debugging Quiz in C for College Students by Department of Computer Science
22 to 29 – May 2020 National Webinar on OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION
27 to 29 – May 2020 International Webinar on “Brief Perspectives of Nanotechnology – Biosynthesis and Bioapplication of Nanoparticles “
01 & 02 – June 2020 A Two Day National Webinar on “Impact of COVID – 19 in service sector : Strategies to Overcome the Challenges”
01 & 02 – June 2020 Free Statistical Tool for Research Data Analysis and Research Publication with Special Reference to Citation, Impact Factor and h Index
02 – June 2020 “காப்பியங்கள்”– எனும் தலைப்பிலான திறனறிதல் வினாடி – வினா போட்டி
03 – June 2020 National webinar on “Fractals via Fixed Point Theory”
03 – June 2020 Webinar on Crisis of Triage Universal Remedy – Covid 19, A Perspective
04 – June 2020 National Webinar on Digital Tools for Effective Teaching
04 – June 2020 International Webinar on “Cyber Awareness for Women” (Exclusively for Women)
04 & 05 – June 2020 Webinar for II PG and III UG Students on “LET US LOCK DOWN THE STRESS”
06 – June 2020 Webinar on “Supply Chains in the Post Covid World”
08 – June 2020 International Webinar on Functional Properties and Bandgap Engineering of ZnO – GaNAlloys
09 – June 2020 “திருக்குறள் காட்டும் வாழ்வியல் நெறிகள்”– எனும் தலைப்பில் இணையவழி( Zoom APP) தேசியக் கருத்தரங்கம்
10 – June 2020 Webinar on Organic Foods and Healthy Life Style
11 – June 2020 International Webinar on Day 1 – Topic:”Porous Carbon-Based Nanocomposite for Energy Storage and Sensing.”
12 – June 2020 International Webinar on Day 2 – Topic :”Chemical Biology of COVID -19”
15 – June 2020 National Webinar on Manifest Your Dream Success
15 – June 2020 National Webinar on “Women in Entreprenuership”
16 – June 2020 National Level Webinar on Exercise of Outcome Based Education in English Language and Literature
21 – June 2020 International Yoga Day
29th & 30 –June 2020 E-Quiz on Group theory and its applications to Chemistry
July –2020 iGOT- COVID-19 Training for NCC cadets
5 JULY – 2020 Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee year Celebration
11 to 15 – August 2020 Grameen – Gandagi Mukt Bharat Campaign
10 to 12 –August 2020 Board of studies Meeting in Departments
15 –August 2020 72nd Independence Day
15 to 20 –August 2020  National Integration Week
19 August 2020  First year Under Graduate students welcome
20 to 28 – August 2020 Student Induction Programme (SIP) for the first year Under Graduate students
07 to 11 –September 2020 Mid-Semester Examinations for II & III UG and II PG Students in Online mode
09 –September 2020 Academic Council Meeting
21 to 25 –September 2020 Semester Examination for Final year UG and PG students in Online mode
16 to 29 -september 2020 New Approaches and Interpretations in Historical Writings by the UGC -Dr. S. Sahayamary & Dr. B. Ubahara Mary, AssistantProfessors of History, attended Online Refresher Coursein History
16 to 29 -september 2020 Ms. Petricia Alphine Nirmala, Assistant Professor of English, participated in the UGC-SponsoredOnline Refresher Course in English on the theme WorldLiterature Emerging Trends, Themes & Contexts conducted by the UGC
02-october 2020 Dr. M. Anusha Angel, Assistant Professor of History, served as the resource person and gave a talk about Principles of Mahatma Gandhi organised by NationalService Scheme
17-october 2020 2020, NCC conducted an awareness program on National Educational Policy 2020through online ‘Google Meet’. This program aimed at to make the NCC cadets to be aware of National Educational Policy 2020
19 to 24 -october 2020 M.Dhanalakshmi,B.Sc.Maths(R)andN.Padmashree, II B.Sc. Chemistry, NCC Cadets, participated in the National Level EBSB Online Camp
20-october 2020 Mass Marketing by Mrs. J. Jasmine Selvapackiam Assistant Professor
24-october 2020 Our Students participated in the State level ChemFest 2020 organized through online mode by Sri Parasakthi College for Women [Autonomous]
28-october 2020 Rev. Sr. Dr. B. J. Queensly Jeyanthi,Mother Superior and Secretary, Rev. Sr. Dr. S. Jesurani, Principal and Lt. Dr. L. Merlin Dayana, Associate NCC Officer of our college honored the commanding officer and discussed the NCC activities.
11-November2020 Orientation on”JAC Glden JubileeCelebrations”
18-November2020 Orientation on”JAC Glden Jubilee Celebrations” Staffs
20-November2020 A National Level Seminar on Hair Straightening and Bridal Makeup organized by JAC Community College
20-November2020 Constitutional Day celebrated by NCC Cadets
21-November2020 A National Level Seminar on Advance Hair Treatment and High Definition Makeup organized by B.Voc.
24-November2020 Spirulina Cultivation Programme inaugurated
26-November2020 Communal Harmony Day observed by College Union and National Service Scheme
27-November2020 A National Level Seminar on Cardiac Problems and Preventive Measures organized by JAC Community College
28-November2020 A National Level Seminar on Cardiology & Fundamentals of Nursing organized by JAC Community College
16-December2020 Selection of Student Union Secretary and Joint Secretary
16-December2020 Online Webinar on Women and Human Rights organized by the Dept. Zoology and JACEP
17-December2020 Workshop on Android Application Development for III UG and II PG students organized by the Dept. of Computer Science
18-December2020 Board of Studies Meeting for all the Departments through online mode
21-December2020 Motivational talk on NET/SET Examinations for the PG students 2018 & 2020 batches and the outgone M.Phil. students through online mode arranged by the Dept of Mathematics
23-December2020 Christmas Day was celebrated
31-December2020 Guest lecture on It’s Time for Nature arranged by Eco club
5&6-January2021 In connection with Golden Jubilee Celebrations, International Webinar on Recent Trends in Life Sciences organized by the Dept. of Zoology
13-January2021 Pongal Day was celebrated
19 to 23 – January 2021 Semester Examination For I UG & I PG
22- January 2021 Holy Spirit Mass
26- January 2021 72nd Republic day
28 to 29- January 2021 NAAC Peer Team Visitation
09- February 2021 Guest Lecture on “An Introduction to Chem Informatics”
03-March 2021 PG and Research Center of Commerce Organizes International Webinar on Impact Of Covid 19 on Global Economy
04-March 2021 Virtual IT Galaxy 20
06-March 2021 Chemistry Endowment Lecture
06-March 2021 PG Department of English Organises A One Day International Webinar on Literary & Cultural Animal  Studies
12-March 2021 International Webinar Tamil
11&12-March 2021 International Webinar Chemistry
12-March 2021 Hostel  Day  Inter -religious Prayer
13-March 2021 Hostel  Day  Celebration