Motto: “Extending Hands”
CO-ORDINATOR: Miss. G. Petricia Alphine Nirmala, M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., DISM

The Extension Programme of Jayaraj Annapackiam College JACEP was started when the college attained autonomy. JACEP envisages to free the marginalized and weaker sections of rural women from the shackles of social, political, cultural, educational and economical oppression with the voluntary service of students and staff and to provide simultaneously social dimension to the educational system of the college and inculcate social responsibility and commitment in the students. It brings out the responsibilities, co-operative team spirit and leadership qualities of the students. Their link with the community broadens their social outlook that helps them work for the welfare of the community.


  • To create awareness of social problems to gain practical experience in life
  • To help the villagers to identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • To develop concern for the voiceless and faceless
  • To make the villagers aware of Government welfare programmes and to utilize them fully
  • To equip the trainees with traditional and modern skills to raise their income and standard of living


JACEP involves the U.G. Students in Extension activities during IV and V semesters for 35 hours per semester. Before commencing its field-level exercise, the student community, department wise, prepares a plan of developmental activities to be carried out in three phases


Camp for introducing the students to the villagers and to gather information on the physical nature of the village


Camps for collecting details about the families, availability of facilities and finalise an action plan based on the needs of the villagers. Theoretical input on extension service such as education, healthcare environmental awareness, Self-Employment, care of the aged, Adult Education, Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Child Care etc. are given


The holistic development of the villages would be ensured through the implementation of the action plan.The target groups are facing several problems on their path to development such as access to education, health facilities protected drinking water supply, uninterrupted quality power supply and motorable roads etc. Efforts are taken through extension programme to address these problems.


JACEP takes up villages to ensure holistic and integrated development of the villages around Periyakulam within 30kms from the college. Each department adopts a village and students who are committed to Extension Programme are divided into six groups to operate on the six major areas of focus of JACEP such as Education, Application of Knowledge, Environment, Health & Hygiene, People’s organization and Liaison.

  • Education: For school dropouts, Literacy programmes, non-formal education, school supporting programmes.
  • Application of Knowledge: Special skill trainings for self employment, based on the discipline. The target group is given special training by the student community
  • Environment: Tree plantation, environmental education, sanitation, awareness campaign to educate villagers on the importance of keeping the villages clean
  • Health & Hygiene: Organizing medical camps, health education, education on various factors like AIDS, population and so on
  • People’s organization: Organizing youth, farmers and Self Help Groups, educating them to function democratically, celebrating important festivals, leadership trainings for youth and giving information on welfare schemes
  • Liaison: Village development plan has been drawn with the assistance of various Government departments, financial institutions, non-governmental agencies, local bodies to ensure integrated development of the villages
  • JACEP with strong student force from ten disciplines of the college, working every year, guided by its well-marked action plan, hopes to bring about a tremendous change and to effect a desired result in the target area.




70 hours compulsory field visit (in IV and V semesters).
Continuous assessment 25 marks
Assignment 25 marks
Field work 50 marks
Credit 1 mark


  • Enriched the teaching learning process in schools with academic excellence
  • Effectively built a strong and healthy relationship with the villagers
  • Provided positive values and career guidance for the youth
  • Availed welfare schemes
  • Created healthy and Pollution- Free villages
  • Created opportunity for sharing with senior citizens
  • Imparted knowledge to prevent the dreaded diseases
  • Launched activities to protect the environment and expand green cover
  • Solved the problems and issues demanding immediate redressal mechanism


  • Inculcated social responsibility and commitment in students
  • Improved peer relationships
  • Acted as tools in bringing about social changes
  • Increased freedom and independence with demonstrating responsibility
  • Built trust in the villagers through responsibility
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