The Extension Programme of Jayaraj Annapackiam College Started functioning with the acronym JACEP (Jayaraj Annapackiam College Extension Programme) when the college stepped into autonomy.


     JACEP envisages freeing the marginalized and weaker sections of rural areas, mainly the rural women from the shackles of social, political, cultural, educational and economical oppression with the voluntary service of students and staff. It simultaneously provides social dimension to the educational system of the college and inculcates social responsibility and commitment in the students. It brings forth responsibilities, co-operative team spirit and leadership qualities of the students.


     JACEP has adopted villages to ensure holistic and integrated development of the villages around Periyakulam within 30 kms from the college. Each department is entrusted with a village. It has taken all appropriate measures to bring about the advancement of rural women. It plans to impart the knowledge of social problems to gain practical experience in life.


  • To aim at Holistic formation of students
  • To promote the civic responsibility
  • To enhance students’ ability in social activities
  • To face the stark realities of life
  • To help the villagers identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • To be concerned about the voiceless and faceless

                                      JACEP- Extension service


  • Dr. Sr. S. jesurani
  • Mrs. B. Mary Suba
  • Mrs. I. Savariammal
  • Mrs. J. Sharmila
  • Dr. Mrs. M. Anusha Angel
  • Sr. B. Kanmani Pushpa
  • Ms. S. Brindha
  • Mrs. M. Vimala Joice
  • Mrs. S. Devashanthi
  • Ms. V. Vanitha
  • Mrs. J. Grace Ranjitham
  • Mrs. C. Kavitha
  • Sr. A. Sahaya Berlin Sujana


    • A curriculam based outreach programme in Part V
    • The neighbourhood services for UG students during semesters IV& V
    • 70 hours of field work awarded with 2 credits
    • A class of students being divided into six groups
    • A specific target to be accomplished before their graduation.


  • One day General survey
  • Discussions on village welfare schemes
  • Periodical visits to the villages adopted
  • Students’ contribution to social causes
  • Promoting Agriculture and Rural prosperity


  • Education
  • Environment
  • Liaison 
  • Application of Knowledge
  • Health & Hygiene
  • People’s Organization


  • Computer/Cellular phone assisted language learning
  • Non-formal education/ Adult literacy programme
  • Arts and crafts activities for Young learners
  • Savings & loans
  • Internet banking & Usage statistics
  • LIC, Government policies & Panchayat union schemes
  • Socio – economic problems
  • Demo on Scientific and Technical Tools
  • Food analysis and Adulteration test/Health measures
  • Environmental awareness
  • Aids awareness
  • Medical camp
  • Domestic manufacturing/ Entrepreneurship
  • Women empowerment
  • Care for senior citizens, destitute & handicapped
  • Horticultural and Vermicasting activities
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Diary and Poultry farming
  • Computer training
  • Life skill/ Capacity building programme
  • Charity& Community activities


              JACEP, Extension Programme of our college sensitizes students physically and psychically to social welfare activities in the villages adopted. The regular field visits/ works frame human links between the college and the community. The six groups fraternize with government sectors, non-government agencies, local bodies, self help groups, industries, schools, hospitals, horticultural societies, poultry farms, shop keepers, big shots, banks, press and police department with the result that the students, the blooming buds can bring attitudinal and behavioral change among the rural folk to compete with their urban counterparts and venture into the challenging world.

JACEP and UBA attended Grama Saba in Sarathupatti Panjayat

Rally on Fit India Walkathon Awareness Programme – 21.01.2020

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