Major Research Projects funded by UGC

S.No. Nature of the Project Principal Investigator  / Co-Investigator Department Year of Grant Amount
1.        Influence of the herbal immunostimulant Andrographis paniculata, on the immune responses and survival of Cyprinus carpio to Aeromonas hydrophila infection Dr. Mrs. S. Catherine P. Alexander Zoology 2011  Rs.10,45,800/-
2.        Evaluation of novel quinones as phototherapeutic agents Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam (PI) and Dr. Mrs. C. Sagaya Rani (Co-I) Chemistry and Zoology 2011  Rs.11,77,852/-
3.        An inventory study on available earthworm species for prospective vermicompositing and Vermiculture amidst global warming towards global worming. Dr. Mrs. Arockiam Thaddeus Zoology 2012  Rs.10,84,800/-
4.        Composition and trophic analysis of entamofauna and endemic avifauna with special reference to physico chemical analysis of water and soil at Sothuparai reservoir, Theni District. Dr. Sr. T. Nirmala and Dr. Mrs. M. R. Delphine Rose Zoology 2013  Rs.11,58,860/-
5.        International Stock Market Efficiency and Integration: Implications for International Portfolio Diversification. Dr. Sr. B. J. Queensly Jeyanthi Commerce 2013 Rs.3,20,900/-
6.        Investigations on excitons in nanostructures Dr. Mrs. M. Arulmozhi Physics 2013 Rs.12,82,480/-
7.        Mathematical modelling and Computing systems for Simulating Interaction of Metallodrugs with Proteins Dr. Sr. P. Helen Chandra(PI), Dr. Mrs. S. M. Saroja Theerdus Kalavathy (Co-I) and Dr. Mrs. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli (Co-I) Mathematics and Chemistry 2015 Rs.14,55,000/-