Rules and Regulations For Students

  • Students are expected to conduct themselves within and outside the college in accordance with the best standard, manners and Behaviour.
  • Students should wear the Identity Cards issued by the College They are expected to retain their l.D. Cards till the Transfer Certificate is issued.
  • At the stroke of the first bell, students should occupy their seats in the class and get ready for their class
  • Students entering the college after the assembly I prayer will present themselves to the Vice- Principals and then sign in the late register
  • No student shall be allowed to leave the classroom, without the permission of the teacher. Students should avoid going to the canteen, walking on the corridors and college campus during working Students are given ten minutes break between first and second period .
  • Cell phones and Cameras are strictly prohibited for students’ usage in hostel and in cambus.
  • Students should be refined in their They must show due respect to the authorities, the Principal and the Staff. They should wish them on the occasion of their first meeting for the day. Disobedience and rude behaviour of any kind will be severely dealt with.
  • Students are expected to maintain the premises of the College tidy, clean and healthy and abstain from disfiguring the walls, desks or benches by sticking notices or scribbling and other similar uncivic acts.
  • Students are expected to read all the notices put up on the College and Department notice boards for important information.
  • Students are prohibited from organizing or attending any meeting in the college or collecting money for any purpose without the written sanction of the Principal
  • Strike and similar demonstrations are not But a respectful representation of grievances will be looked into, with concern.
  • Students are expected to converse in English during college Hours.
  • Students are expected to approach the Staff Advisors for guidance, clarification and advice in matters pertaining to their Studies.
  • Books or Magazines unconducive to good and healthy education should never be brought to the  College.
  • Students should maintain decorum and dignity while attending meetings and Functions
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against students involving in any kind of malpractices (cheating, copying in tests and examinations, giving  false declaration ) in the campus or anywhere else.
  • Ragging of any sort, inside the College I Hostel campus  is strictly Since 1971, the inception of the Institution, JAC is a ragging free campus.
  • With regard to all matters of conduct, in and out of the College, students are expected to conduct themselves in such a way, as to maintain the prestige and reputation of the College
  • As per the disciplinary norms of JAC, students who do not adhere to the rules and regulations and who neglect their course will not be readmited.
  • Under the Education Rules of the Government, the Principal has full power to take stringent measures and action against loss of  term  days,  certificate  suspension and expulsion from the College.

Dress Code

  • Students are expected to dress modestly and Students are not allowed to wear Leggings. They have to pin their shawl properly . All should wear uniform saree on every Wednesday & uniform chudithar on every Saturday. If the rule is violated, the student will be fined.


  • Students should apply well in advance for any type of  They should apply at least two days before they wish to receive the same.
  • Age Certificates and Identification Certificates are issued at a charge of 2/­ each.
  • A Search Fee of 5/- shall be charged extra from those who have been more than two years, out of the College.

 Medical Inspection

  • Every student will have Medical Inspection conducted by the College Medical  Officer.


  • The fee shall be paid in-one instalment in each semester within due date.
  • Students who withdraw from the College in the course of the year, are required to pay all the tuition fee and other fees due, upto the date of withdrawal
  • The fee once  remitted  will  not  be  refunded  if  the  student  fails  to join  the College or Discontinues.
  • Full fee concession is allowed  for  Scheduled  Caste and  Scheduled  Tribe students.

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