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Webinar On Women & Human Rights- A Webinar On Women& Human Rights Was Organised by JACEP On 16 th December 2020.DR. Aruna Jayamani,Assistant Professor,Centre For Good Governance and Policy Analysis,National Institute Of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (Ministry Of Rural Development,GOI)Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad Enlightened the Extension Students On Women& Human Rights.

In Connection With Golden Jubilee Celebration (1971-2021) PG and Research Centre of Zoology Organizes Two day International Webinar on “RECENT TRENDS IN LIFE SCIENCES” on 5th and 6th January,2021.

PG and Research Center of Commerce Organizes International Webinar on Impact Of Covid 19 on Global Economy -3rd March. 2021

International Webinar Tamil -12 th March 2021 

PG and Research Center of Chemistry organizes Two Day International Webinar on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC-1-2) -11th &12th March.2021

PG Department Computer Science Organizes A One Day International Webinar on Computational Intelligence (IWCI’21)-15 th March 2021

PG and Research Department of Mathematics Organizes A Two Day National Webinar-16&17 th March 2021

National Webinar On JAC-10 th August 2021

International Webinar On “Digital Transformation :How Can I be A Part Of it” Organized by Department Of Business Administration-14 th August 2021

PG and Research Centre of Zoology Start Up Programme-Apiculture & Institutions’ Innovation Council(IIC) Organizes World Entrepreneur Day Webinar on “HONEY BEES : HOPE FOR LIFE”-27 th August 2021

PG and Research Centre of Zoology  Organized International Webinar on “Recent Trends in Life Sciences-Phase II- 01 stSeptember.2021

PG and Research Department of Physics will Organize International Webinar on “EXOPLANETS”-

PG and Research Centre of Commerce Organized International Webinar on ” Financial Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)”-03rd September.2021

PG Department of Computer science Organized International Webinar on”Data Driven Technologies”-06th September.2021

 Department of Commerce with Computer Application & Institution’s Innovation Council Organizes International Webinar on “Emerging Business Trends Driven By Covid 19”-10th September.2021

 NSS,NCC & Physical Education Organize State Level Webinar on “FIT INDIA-2021”-15th September.2021

 PG and Research Center of Chemistry Organized an International Webinar on Recent Trends in Chemistry(RTC-I-3) –18th September.2021

 PG & Research Centre of History Organizes International Webinar on Migration of Tamils in the French Colonial Countries-A Historical Perspective-28th September.2021

 International webinar organize PG Department of Tamil -29&30th September.2021

 Library Organize Webinar on “Read & Lead”-29th September.2021

B.Voc Beauty Wellness National Seminar on 09th October.2021

PG and Research Department of Mathematics organised an International Webinar on “New Advances in Mathematical and Computational Sciences” on 22nd October 2021.