• To inspire, encourage, facilitate& promote at all times all forms of humanitarian activities by national societies with a view to preventing & alleviated human suffering.


  • The Indian youth Red Cross society is a voluntary humanitarian organization to protect human life &health based in our town. The YRC mission is providing relief in times of disasters, emergencies & promoting health and care of vulnerable people and communities.







Mrs. Southamani S.G.Lecturer in Chemistry Sr.S Jesurani



Mrs. Southamani S.G.Lecturer in Chemistry Mrs. K. Mary Latha M.Sc., M.Phil



Mrs. Southamani S.G.Lecturer in Chemistry Mrs. K. Mary Latha M.Sc., M.Phil



Mrs. Southamani M.Sc., M.Phil., Mrs.Francis Catherine



Sr.S Jesurani , Department of Physics Mrs.Francis Catherine



Sr.S Jesurani Department of Physics Ms.J Suja Regina Mary
7.        2006-2007 Mrs. K. Mary Latha M.Sc., M.Phil., Ms.J Suja Regina Mary
8.        2007-2008 Mrs. K. Mary Latha S.G.Lecturer Ms.J Suja Regina Mary
9.        2008-2009 Mrs. K. Mary Latha M.Sc., M.Phil., Dr.Mrs. E.M Kolasticammal Reader in Tamil
10.    2009-2010 Dr.Mrs. E.M Kolasticammal

Reader in Tamil

Miss. M. Chitra, Lecturer in Physics
11.    2010-2011 Dr.Mrs. E.M Kolasticammal

Reader in Tamil

Miss.P. Mareeswari M.Com., M.Phil
12.    2011-2012 Dr.Mrs. E.M Kolasticammal

Reader in Tamil

Miss.P. Mareeswari M.Com., M.Phil
13.    2012-2013 Dr.Mrs. E.M Kolasticammal

Reader in Tamil

Miss.P. Mareeswari M.Com., M.Phil
14.    2013-2014 Dr.Mrs. E.M Kolasticammal

Reader in Tamil

Mrs P.Floras Mary,M.A., M.A., M.Phil

Miss.P. Mareeswari M.Com., M.Phil

15.    2014-2015 Mrs. Dr.P. Floras Mary

Associate Professor in History

Ms.S.Sathyajothi M.SC.M.Phil
16.    2015-2016 Mrs. Dr.P. Floras Mary Associate Professor in History           Ms. S.Sathyajothi M.SC.M.Phil
17.    2016-2017 Mrs. Dr.P. Floras Mary Associate Professor in History Ms. S.Sathyajothi M.SC.M.Phil


18.    2017-2018 Mrs.G. Francis Catherine MA.M.PHIL.,B.Ed Ms. S.Sathyajothi M.SC.M.Phil

Ms.I.SindhiyaGaan MA.M.Phil


19.    2018-2019 Dr.Mrs.J. Arul Irudaya Jeyanthi, M.A., B.Ed MPhil, Ph.D Mrs. K. Renuga Devi., M.Sc., M.Phil.

Ms.I.Sindhiya Gaan, M.A., M.Phil.

Ms.V. Selvakani M.Sc(CS&IT).,M.Phil.,

20. 2019-2020  

Dr.Mrs.J. Arul Irudaya Jeyanthi, M.A., B.Ed MPhil, Ph.D

Mrs. K. Renuga Devi., M.Sc., M.Phil.

Ms.I.Sindhiya Gaan, M.A., M.Phil.

Mrs. Greeni M.A., M.Phil.

21. 2020-2021  

Dr.Mrs.J. Arul Irudaya Jeyanthi, M.A., B.Ed MPhil, Ph.D

Mrs. Selvarani MA., B.Ed.

Dr. Mrs. Greeni,P.hd

Dr. Amala Jasmin .,P.hd





1.        2000-2001 29-01-2001 Special Talk Sahaya Jossi Selvi III B.Sc Physics

YRC Volunteers

J.A College Periyakulam.
2.        07-02-2001



Blood Grouping Campaign Dr. Selvaraj


J.A College Periyakulam.
3.        13-02-2001



Awareness Programme Dr. Jeyachandran M.B.B.S., Dch., Join Secretary-IRCS, Theni J.A College Periyakulam.
4.        2002-2003 29.07.2002 Awareness Programme J.A College Periyakulam.
5.        02.08.2002 A Talk on”Red Cross Principles and Stop the misuses of  Red Cross Emblem” Dr.c. Jeyachandran, M.B.B.S.,D.C.H., Joint Secretary, I.R.C.S., Theni District.

Thiru. K. Surulivel., JRC Convenor & Joint Secretary, Theni.

J.A College Periyakulam.


6.        16.08.2008 Drawing & Essay completion on”Malaratum Manithaneyam” J.A College Periyakulam.


7.        22.08.2002 A Campus awareness programme on”Stop the misuse of Red Cross Emblem” YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


8.        23.08.2002



First Aid Training Course St.John’s Ambulance Association,

Sivakasi Centre.

J.A College Periyakulam.


9.        01.10.2002 An Awareness  Programme on “Blood Donation” YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


10.    04.03.2003 Guest Lecture on”Family Life Education” Sr.Anastasia, Holy Redeemer Hospital,Theni and Mrs. P. Sumathi J.A College Periyakulam.


11.    2003-2004 30.07.2003 Blood Donation Camp JAC(w)-25 YRC Members donated Blood. IRCS- Theni Branch & State Bank of India, Theni. Kammavar Matric Higher Secondary School.
12.    26.08.2003 Geneva Conventions Day


J.Helen III B.A.History J.A College Periyakulam.


13.    26.08.2003 Essay Competitions on AIDS YRC Organisers J.A College Periyakulam.


14.    22.09.2003 State Level meet of District Organisers YRC TN Sate Branch & M.S University YRC Zone. V.O.C. College Tuticorin.
15.    01.10.2003 World Blood Donation Day

Blood Donation Camp

Theni District Medical Department,

Public Health Department

IRCS-Theni and University Colelge,Aundipatti

M.K.University College, Aundipatti.
16.    11.12.2003 Motivation On Blood Donation Blood Gropuing for IDC J.A.C Dr.S.A.Jayaram, Rm.C Pandian-Rotary Club of Dindigul.

Dindigul Blood Bank & Rotary Club of Dindigul.

J.A College Periyakulam.


17.    18.12.2003 Cultural Programmes regarding  YRC Activities, Blood Donation and AIDS Awareness to the Villagers at the N.S.S Camp- Thamaraikulam YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


18.    21.1.2004



District Level Dissemination Workshop IRCS, Theni District Branch & IRCS T.N Branch Chennai. Theni.
19.    12.02.2004 Family Life Education and AIDS Awareness Sr.Anastasia and Mrs. Sumathy

Holy Redeemer’s Hospital- Theni.

20.    2004-2005 03-01-2005



Tsunami Victims Relief Camp, Kanniyakumari District. Sr. Jesurani, Sr. Sylvia, Sr.Vimala, Sr. Queensly & Sr Savariammal Kanniyakumari District.
21.    25-01-2005 Seminar On “AIDS Awareness” Conducted Jointly by YRC Of JAC & theni District.Medicos. Rev.Dr.Sr.A. Alphonsal

J.A College Periyakulam.

J.A College Periyakulam.
22.    05-02-2005 III State Level Seminar, Swami Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Sr.S.Jesurani

J.A College Periyakulam.

J.A College Periyakulam.
23.    19.02.2005 “AIDS Awareness”-One Day Workshop at Jeevan Jothi Trust, Vadaputhupatti YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.
24.    2005-2006 15.07.2005 Awareness Programme on”Thyrocare” Sr.S.Jesurani

J.A College Periyakulam.

J.A College Periyakulam.
25.    11.08.2005 Taluk Level Avisory Committee Meeting for Prevention of AIDS Mrs.A.X.Selvi

Department of Tamil

JeevanJothi Nalamaiyam, Kailasapatti
26.    27.09.2005 One Day State Level Review Meeting  of YRC District Organisers. Mrs.A.X.Selvi

Department of Tamil

Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai.
27.    01.10.2005 Seminar on “Safety Blood  Transformation” Mrs.A.X.Selvi

Department of Tamil

Thiagaraja College, Madurai.
28.    07.10.2005 Panel Discussion on YRC Activities Ms. B.Annapoorani

Department  of  English

The Research and Extension Center, MTWU, Madurai.
29.    23.02.2005 “Life Elocution Sr.S.Jesurani

J.A College Periyakulam.


Department of Tamil

Ms. B.Annapoorani

Department  of  English

JeevanJothi Nalamaiyam, Kailasapatti
30.    16.01.2006 to 20.01.2006 5 Days “National Level Training Programme on Capacity Buliding Sr.S.Jesurani

J.A College Periyakulam.

Manonmanium Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli.
31.    03.02.2006 District Level Poster Competition on “Safe Environnment YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.
32.    21.02.2006 to 24.02.2006 State Level Study Camp” Sr.S.Jesurani

J.A College Periyakulam.

YRC Volunteers

Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
33.    2006-2007 09.09.2006 State Level Review of YRC District level organizers . PSG College of Technology Coimbatore.
34.    19.10.2006 District Level Poster Drawing Competions YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


35.    19.12.2006 First Aid Camp YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


36.    27.12.2006



State Training Study Camp Staff and YRC Volunteers Crescent  Engineering College, Chennai.
37.    19.01.2007



State Level Trainers Training Programme Staff World University Service Centre,Chennai.
38.    25.01.2007 Awareness Programme on AIDS & Central Government Shemes YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


39.    3.2.2007 State Level YRC Study Camp Staff and YRC Volunteers Periyar University, Salem.
40.    2007-2008 18.07.2007 One day State Level Review Meeting of YRC District Organisers Mrs. Seeriak IRCS Premises, Egnore, Chennai
41.    08.08.2007 Drawing and Essay Competition J.A College Periyakulam.


42.    14.08.2007 Geneva Conventions Day Mr.B Annapoorani

Lecturer in English.

J.A College Periyakulam.


43.    01.09.2007 Blood Identification J.A College Periyakulam.


44.    06.09.2007 Blood Donation Camp J.A College Periyakulam.


45.    23.10.2007 Special Children Sr.Jacintha Pushpam

Heademistress,St.Anne’s Day Star, School

J.A College Periyakulam.


46.    8.12.2007 Disabled Day & X’mas Day St. Anne Day Star, Periyakulam.
47.    13.12.2007 Tree Plantation Programme Mr.Ravindran, Green Trust, Pattiveeranpatti. J.A College Periyakulam.


48.    27.12.2007



5 Days Inter State Traing cum Study Camp Mrs.K.F. Mary Lath & 4 YRC vlounteers Bharathiar University


49.    26.01.2008 Trekking to Vaigai Dam Mrs.K.F. Mary Lath & 15 YRC vlounteers Vaigai Dam, Theni.
50.    2008-2009 26.08.2008 Geneva Conventions Day A.Sasikala

III B.Sc Maths

J. A. College,


51.    03.08.2008 Awareness on Eye Donation Mrs. Lakshmi Mohan, Cordinator, Nethravision Bodi J. A. College,


52.    20.01.2009 Awareness on Special Children Sr. Jesintha,


St. Annes Day Star

J. A. College,


53.    04.01.2009 Awareness on AIDS Mrs. Sumathi & Mr. Arockiasamy Jevan Jothi Hospice Jevan Jothi Hospice,


54.    02.03.2009 One Day District Level Study Camp r. Jayachanran J. A. College,


55.    04.03.2009 Tree Plantation Programme Mr. Ravindran Grren Trust


St.Anne. JC.Matric School, Periyakulam
56.    2009-2010 01.08.2009 Blood Grouping Dr. Jayachandran J. A. College,


57.    03.08.2009 Awareness about Blood Donation Dr. Radha, Govt. Hospital, Theni J. A. College,


58.    10.08.2009 World Mother’s Day J. A. College,


59.    11.08.2009 Geneva Conventions Day Miss M.Chitra, Lecture in Physics. J. A. College,


60.    23.09.2009 Special Children Sr. Jacintha,

Principal St.Anne Day Star, Periyakulam.

St. Anne Day Star, Periyakulam.
61.    01.10.2009 Voluntary Blood Donation Camp Miss. L.Kalavathy,

III B.A History

J. A. College,



62.    03.10.2009 Eye Donation Awareness Programme Dr. Ganapathy Raj,Govt, Hospital,Theni. Endapuli
63.    05.10.2009



Zonal Level Three Days Orientation Programme Dr. Mrs. E.M. Kolasticammal, Reader in Tamil Santhangai,Madurai
64.    17.12.2009 Disabled Day St. Anne Day Star, Periyakulam.
65.    13.02.2009 Awareness Programme on’108’ Mr.J. Kumaran, Operaion Executive, Dindigul. J.A College, Periyakulam.
66.    16.02.2010 Verse Writing and Essay Writing Competition J.A College, Periyakulam.
67.    2010-2011 05.08.2010 District Level Intercollegiate Competitions in Connection with Geneva Conventions Day Dr.Sr.Y. Yesu Thangam Principal. J.A College

Dr.Sr. P. Helenchanra, Secretary, J.A. College

J.A College, Periyakulam.
68.    14.09.2010 Skin Care Awareness Dr.Gopinath,

Government Medical College,Theni

J.A College, Periyakulam.
69.    04.12.2010 AIDS Awareness Programme Rev. Dr. Sr. Anasthecia, Director of JeevanJothi ,


JeevanJothi Nalamaiyam, Kailasapatti
70.    21.12.2010 Disabled Day & X’mas Day Rev.Dr.Sr.B.J.Queensly Jeyanthi, Controller of Examination Day Star, Periyakulam
71.    19.01.2011 One Day District Level Student Study Camp for the YRC Volunteers& Programme Officers “Global Warming”

Dr. Samuvel, Paulraj, Energy Department, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.


“Eye Donation Awareness”

Dr.Sherill M.B.B.S(DO).

Government Hospital,



Dr.Arun Nagendran

Controller of Examination , Thiyagaraja College, Madurai.


“Dental Care”-Dr. Smiline B.D.S., Medical Officer,Devadhanapatty

J.A College, Periyakulam.
72.    19.02.2011 Visited”Anbu Illam” Mentally Retared &Aged Peoples “Annachi “Vadaputhupatty,

Theni District.

73.    2012-2013 01.08.2012 Geneva Convetions Day Dr.Samuel Paulraj, Energy Deparment, M.K. University,Madurai. J.A College Periyakulam.
74.    13.10.2012 One Day General Medical Camp Dr.Senthil Selvam, B.D.S., Theni District. Jeyamangalam, Theni District
75.    Social Awarness Camp Dr. Joseph Vasanth Raj,DPH, Pediatrician,Theni.
76.    Tree Plantation Mr.Kasiraj, Assistan Agriculture Officer,

Vidiyal Organization, Theni.

77.    17.12.2012 X’mas Day & Disabled Day Celebrations Rev. Sr. Dr. Queensly Jeyanthi,

Controller of Examination, J.A. College,Periyakulam.

“Day Star” Disabled students Periyakulam.
78.    23.01.2013 “One Day District level Students Study Camp” for the YRC Volunteers inTheni District “Breast Cancer and the Diseases of Reproductive System” J.A College Periyakulam.
79.    “Human Rights and Civic Laws”-Dr. S. Pariparameswaran,Assistant Professor, Department of Youth Welfare Studies, YRC Zonal Co-Ordinator & Cultural Co-Ordinator of Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai J.A College Periyakulam.
80.    “First Aid and Fire Resque Operation”-Mr. S.Ganesan, M.A., B.Ed., Divisional Fire Officer, Theni District. J.A College Periyakulam.
81.    Valedictory Address-Dr.Jeya Priya, YRC Zonal Officer, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal. J.A College Periyakulam.
82.    21.02.2013 IRCS & JAC- JAC One Day Orientation Programme on “First Aid and Disaster Management” “History and Principles of the Red Cross”-Miss M.S.M Nasreen, M.S.W.,M.Phil., State Level Officer,Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch, Chennai J.A College Periyakulam.
83.    “First Aid-Mr.P.Thanigaivel Murugan, District Manager, GVKEMRI,Madurai District J.A College Periyakulam.
84.    “Disaster Management”-Mr.A.Rajaguru, M.Sc., M.A., M.Phil., SDRT Team Member, Indian Red Cross Society,Tamil Nadu Branch J.A College Periyakulam.
85.    2013-2014 31.7.2013 Geneva Convetions Day Dr.Jeya Priya YRC-Zonal Co-Ordinator, MK University,Madurai J.A College Periyakulam.
86.    16.12.2013 X’mas Day & Disabled Day Celebrations Rev. Fr. Vincent Raja, Assistant Parish Priest, Periyakulam, Theni District. “Day Star” Disabled students Periyakulam.
87.    19.12.2013 One Day Seminar on” Ideal family Mr. Kenichiro Onodera,

Director, UPF,South India

J.A College Periyakulam.
88.    Mr. Chizuko Onodera,

Director, FFWPU, South India.

89.    Mrs. Catherine Yucor, Lecturer, UPF/FFWPU,Chennai
90.    2013-2014 05.12.2014 Geneva Convention Day Mr. Ramasamy, Secretary, Theni District Youth Red Cross Society. J.A College Periyakulam.
91.    “Healthy Life Style For Healthy Living” Dr. V. Shanthini Associate Professor in Zoology, JAC J.A College Periyakulam.
92.    “Healthy Life And Peace Making” Dr. Jeyachandran District YRC, Joint Secretary J.A College Periyakulam.
93.    12.12.2014 Motivation for Service and Participation Dr. P. Floras Mary Associate Professor in History, JAC J.A College Periyakulam.
94.    23.01.2015 Medical Visit to Jeevan Jothi- Kailasapatti

Awareness on AIDS

Rev. Sr. Anasthasia Director, Jeevan Jothi Jeevan Jothi- Kailasapatti
95.    30.01.2015 Visit to Anbu Illam- Vadaputhupatti

Care for the Aged

Dr. P. Floras Mary Associate Professor in History, JAC Anbu Illam-Vadaputhupatti
96.    2015-2016 10.12.2015 World Disabled Day Competions

Topics: Munneru

Student Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.
97.    21.12.2015 Disabled Day & X’Mas Day Celebration Rev.Fr. James Paulraj, Parish Priest Periyakulam. “Day Star” Disabled students Periyakulam.
98.    23.01.2016 One Day Camp Anbillam a Home for the Old Aged.
99.    23.02.2016 One day Workshop On First AID and Disaster Management Mr. Ganesh Kumar,

NABH, Assistant

Co-Ordinator  Government Hospital, Periyakulam,



J.A College Periyakulam.
100.                        Mr. Sivaraja, Physiotherapist Government Hospital Periyakulam
101.                        2016-2017 08.09-2016 Guest Lecturer “Youngsters Ascendant. Dr. Sr. Sahaya  Lily Assistant Professor in Tamil.
102.                        25.10.2016 Youth Day Celebration


Elocution: Colonisation of Science and Disaster of Agriculture

Verse Writing: Blood Donation

Essay Writing : Student’s Contribution on saving Environment

J.A College Periyakulam.
103.                        21.12.2016 Disabled Day & X’Mas Day Celebration Sr.Jenni Jerom  Pricipal, Days star “Day Star” Disabled students Periyakulam.
104.                        2017-2018 27.07.2017 First Aid and Disaster Management Mr.Arumugam, Theni East Region Disaster Management Training Officer J.A College Periyakulam.
105.                        Competition:

Essay Writing:

Demerits of Blue Whale Game

Verse Writing:

Everlasting love towards the Nature

YRC Volunteers J.A College Periyakulam.


106.                        Disabled Day & X’Mas Day Celebration Sr.Jenni Jerom  Pricipal, Days star “Day Star” Disabled students Periyakulam.
107.                        15..03.2018 Guest Lecture “HealthCare Awareness” Dr. Radha, Residential Medical Officer (RMO),Medical College Theni. J.A College Periyakulam.
108.                        2018-2019 30.07.2018 Guest Lecture “YOUTH RED CROSS” Dr. P. Floras Mary Associate Professor in History, JAC J.A College Periyakulam.
109.                        09.08.2018 Blood Donation Camp J.A College Periyakulam.
110.                        04.10.2018 Guest Lecture “Preservation of Ozone Layer” Ms. Nivasini Assistant Professor in Physics, JAC J.A College Periyakulam.
111.                        17.10.2018 Guest Lecture” HIV Basic” Mr. M. Murugan Programme Co-Ordinator, Jeevan Jothi, Hospice, Kailasapatti,Periyakulam J.A College Periyakulam.
112. 20.12.2018 Celebration Sr. Kavitha, Principal Daystar Centre


113. 05.03.2019 Guest Lecture Mr. Bala Murugan, Advocate of District Court, Theni J.A College Periyakulam.
114. 22.02.2019 Field Visit Daystar Centre


115. 2019-2020 28.08.2019 Guest Lecture

‘Self –Esteem’


Dr. Mrs. Mary Mathalane, Vice Principal, and Associate Professor of Physics.JAC J.A College Periyakulam.
116. 25.09.2019  Guest Lecture

‘Spreading of Hiv/Aids reproductive sexual health, sexual Transmits infection.

Mr. Frook, District programme manager Theni,

Mr. Raja M.S.W councellor

J.A College Periyakulam.
117. 20.12.2019 Celebration

‘Disabled day’

and ‘Christmas


Dr. Mrs. Arockiam

Thaddeus Assistant

Professor of Zoology.JAC

Dr. Sr. B.J.Queensly

Jeyanthi        Mother

Superior and Secretary

Daystar Centre


118. 11.01.2020 Field Visit Anbilliam, Vadaputhupatti
119. 25.02.2020 Medical


Dr. Selvaraj Sakkaraipatti,

Theni DT.

120. 20.12.2020 Tree Plantation P. Pandiarani III-BA. Tam Sreerangapuram,

Theni DT.

121. 21.12.2020 Awareness Talk P. Pandiarani III-BA. Tam Sreerangapuram,

Theni DT.

122. 22.12.2020 Awareness Talk S. Pradeepa II-B.Sc (Chemistry)

P. Savishnashri II.BA. English (R)

Bodi Ammakulam, Vadaputhupatti, Theni.


  • One day camp
  • Medical camp
  • One day workshop
  • Blood donation camp
  • Field Visit