• The Alumni Association meeting was conducted for Arts and Science majors separately by their respective departments


  • The Consultancy programme on alumni association was organized on 21.09.2012.
  • Mr. Arokiam, Consultant from Hyderabad gave a talk on “How to strengthen the Alumni”.


  • Alumni belong to 2008- 2013 batches were invited on 15.02. 2014


  • OSA meeting was organized on19.03.2016 and Ms. D. Karpaga Priya, Proprietor of TIME KIDS, a pre school at Trichy was the special invitee who addressed the gathering.
  • The second Saturday of July will be the permanent date fixed for the Alumni meeting
  • The Alumni association convened a meeting for the outgone students on 19.02.2016


  • OSA meeting was organized on16.07.2016 and Ms. S. Aruna, Deputy Manager [HR],  Payoda technologies, Coimbatore, who is a reputed alumna of JAC from the department of Physics was the guest of honor.
  • Important functions of the college and cultural events are intimated to the alumni through mail regularly.


  • OSA meeting was organized on 15.07.2017 .
  • Ms. Brindha, Lawer Chennai High Court and Ms. Aruna,  Surveyor Department, Theni Collectorate, Theni,  reputed alumna of JAC from the department of History were the guests of honor.


  • On 18.08. 2018, the Annual Alumni Meet was organized.
  • Dr. S. Saleema Rabiyath, Assistant Professor of Mass & Communication, Directorate of Distance Education, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai was the Resource person. The chief guest shared her college day experiences and relished her memories. Ms. Laura Seddon, Sports Coach and Fitness Instructor, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, U.K. also took part in the Alumni Meet.
  • Jayaraj Annapackiam College for women Alumni Association was registered on 22.04.2019.


  • The Alumnae Association organized a Guest lecture for the U.G. outgoing students on 5th October, 2019. Dr. S. Saleema Rabiyath, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Directorate of Distance Education, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai enlightened the audience on “Believe in Yourself and all that You are” on 02nd December, 2019 Alumni Meet was organized in all the departments.


    • In connection with Golden Jubilee Celebration, the Alumnae Association organized a meeting for Alumnae at Royappanpatti on 12 th  January, 2021 at 3.00 p.m. In the meeting Dr. A. Jesintha Vilveena, President & Alumnae Association, clearly mentioned the establishment of an Alumnae Association in Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women a Registered Society, Creation of an Endowment Prize in the College day and the construction of Lunch Shed for Students in the Management Block.


      • The Alumnae Association conducted a meeting for Alumnae of the college on 25th October, 2021. Dr. A. Jesintha Vilveena, President, Alumnae Association, addressed the gathering about the celebration of Golden Jubilee which will be held on 1st December, 2021. Building Arch/Stone benches in the money in each department was decided. TheAccount Number of Alumnae Association would be circulated among Alumnae for NEFT Transaction.
      • Alumnae Association of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous) organized Virtual Alumnae Meets in all the Departments as the start of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the college. The Virtual Departmental Alumnae Meetings were conducted from 21.11.2021 to 27.11.2021. Tamil, English, Chemistry, Zoology, Computer Science, Commerce, Business Administration, Commerce with Computer Application and Physics departments conducted the meetings for the Alumnae of JAC with full vigour and jubilation. In all the Departments, Alumnae of the college served as Resource persons. Invitations were prepared with the consent of Secretary and Principal of the college. Video & Audio announcements for the meetings have prepared and have uploaded in Website, WhatsApp and Facebook. Meeting Links were circulated among the Alumnae through the faculty of the department concerned. Google Forms have prepared for Registration and Feedback. Jubilee Anthem was presented in the meetings. Screenshots & Recordings of the meetings were taken.
      • In connection with the Golden Jubilee Celebration, JAC NRI Chapter inauguration and Virtual NRI Alumnae Meets were conducted together on 27/11/2021 between 7 .00.p.m to 9.00. p.m IST. The programme started with Interreligious prayer and Jubilee Anthem. Rev.Sr. Jothi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Secretary of the Alumnae Association welcomed the gathering. Presidential Address was delivered by Rev.Sr.Dr.S.Jesurani, the Principal of the college. She appreciated the cheerful participation of the Alumnae and their love for the college. Inauguration of the NRI Chapter was taken over by Mrs. Angeline Sorna, Assistant Professor of English & Coordinator of the programme. She introduced the office bearers which was seconded by the members of the meet unanimously. Mrs. Kavitha Porchezhian , B.A., Marketing Manager, Akinam Tech, USA & OSA of Department of English,1992-1995 batch, Mrs. Karpagavalli Subramanian, B.Com,MBA, MD& Creative Head ICETREES Global Corp. Metro Manila,Philippines & OSA of Department of Commerce, 1998-2001 batch, and Mrs. Nashrin Syed Mohammed, Datascience and Machine Learning Engineer in a Sweden based AI company, AIGOMETRI AB. & OSA of Computer Science,2004-2007, batch were selected as President, Secretary and Joint Secretary respectively. The Office Bearers took their charge with oath of office. Keynote Address was delivered by Rev.Sr.Dr.B.J. Queensly Jeyanthi, Mother Superior & Secretary of the college who talked about the importance of serving the society with love. Dr.A.Jesintha Vilveena, Associate Professor of History & President of the Alumnae Association presented the activities of the Alumnae Association through PowerPoint. She also listed out the future plans of the Alumnae Association which was designed to serve the society at large. Pooma Ragavan from England, OSA of Chemistry, Juliet Carolyn from USA, OSA of Zoology, Kavitha Karpagavalli from Philippines, OSA of Commerce, Kamatch Ramesh from USA, OSA of Computer Science, Nasrin Syed Mohamed from Sweden, OSA of Computer Science, Kavitha Porchezhian from United States, OSA of English, and Mrs.Shiela Ugendran,Zoomba Dance Trainer, United States, OSA of PG& Research Center of History Indumathi Samuthirarajan from Canada, OSA of English took the gathering back to the golden days of JAC by sharing their memories. They happily recollected their unforgettable days in JAC, where they have learnt life lessons. They insisted on having many such meetings in the years to come. Dr.Mrs. A.Mary Emelda Jayaseeli, Head & Associate professor of Chemistry proposed vote of thanks. Virtual NRI Alumnae Meet was attended by 36 members.
      • Alumnae Association of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women, Autonomous , organized an online International Webinar for the III UG & II PG students of all departments on 5th April, 2022 at 5.30.p.m The meeting started with the prayer song followed by Scripture reading. Dr. A.Jesintha Vilveena, President of Alumnae Association & Associate Professor of History welcomed the gathering. Mrs. Angeline Sorna, Assistant Professor of English introduced the Resource person Mrs. Karpagavalli Balasubramaniam, Illustrious Alumna, Head HR, ICE Trees Grow, Manila, Philipines gave presidential address on the topic, “Art of Balancing Career and the family”. She deliberated on the struggles women encounter while balancing both career and family. She motivated the students to have dreams and follow it with fullest heart and soul. She encouraged them to be role models for the progeny. She insisted to have control over life and channelized it properly. Rev. Sr. Jothi, Secretary of Alumnae Association & Assistant Professor of Computer Science proposed vote of thanks. It was attended by 400 students.


      • The Alumnae Association of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous) Periyakulam arranged for the grand Alumnae meet with ten batches of students titled “Remembering a Decade of Bliss:2012-2022” on 08thOctober, 2022 in St.Joachim Indoor Auditorium. The meeting started with the prayer song. Dr. A. Jesintha Vilveena, President of Alumnae Association & Associate Professor of History welcomed the gathering. Dr. S. Jesurani, Principal of the college and Sr. Dr. B. J. Queensly Jeyanthi, Secretary & Mother Superior of the college rendered felicitation. Honorable Mayor, Mrs. Indirani Ponvasanth, B.A., MLISC, Madurai Corporation & Prestigious Alumna delivered her presidential address. The Honorable Mayor insisted that love towards humanity and determination to achieve the goal are two prominent qualities she learned from the Alma mater and wished all of them to follow it. Dr. C. Chitra, Alumna & Chief Mentor, Chanakya Creators, Bangalore & Mrs. Sidonia Valas, Alumna,Chief Medical Physicist & RSO, Dr. Kamatchi Memorial Hospital, Chennai gave special address. Alumnae shared their reminiscences and cultural programs enchanted the audience. Dr.Flora Pauline Mary, Joint Secretary of Alumnae Association & Assistant Professor of Tamil proposed vote of thanks.270 Aumnae actively participated and showed their love and gratitude towards the college.
      • Alumnae Association of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women, (Autonomous), Periyakulam, has organized a “Motivational Programme” ” for III UG & II PG students on 18-02-2023 at 9.30.a.m in St. Anne’s Auditorium through online and offline mode. The programme was started by invoking of God’s blessings. Dr. A.Jesintha Vilveena, President, Alumnae Association, Associate Professor of History welcomed the gathering. Rev. Sr. Dr. S. Jesurani, the Principal of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous), Periyakulam has given the felicitation. The Principal motivated the students to continue their higher studies for the bright future. Mrs. Pooma Nadesan, Rtd.Primary School Teacher, UK and Mrs. Kamatchi Ramesh, Senior System Engineer, AT&T, Texas, USA were invited as chief guests through online mode. Mrs. Pooma Nadesan shared her college day memories and expressed views on how she was inculcated by the professors. She motivated the students to stay strong with the good personality skills to create a beautiful society at wherever they are living. Mrs. Kamatchi Ramesh shared about the way how she was brought up by the professors with all the potential to promote herself in excellency. She strongly advised the students to make use theirstudents to bring out their talents for the high. Dr. C. Chitra,HR&Entrepreneur, Chanakya Creators, Madurai and Mrs. R. M. Maheswari, PG Assistant, Government Higher Secondary School, Jeyamangalam, Theni were invited as Resource persons for the offline sessions. Dr. C. Chitra, advised the students not to addict for emotions and should not lose their golden opportunities. She taught some exercises to get relief from their stress and helped them to manage the stress level which has given the clear vision to the students to reach their goals and to lead a successful life. Many of the students raised their doubts which were cleared by the Resource person. R.M.Maheswari brilliantly brought out the life challenges of teenagers and were given solution to overcome their problems. She also advised the students to lead a good life with the happiness of commitments. Dr. Mrs. D. Flora Pauline Mary, Joint Secretary, Alumnae Association, Assistant Professor of Tamil, proposed vote of thanks. The meeting was attended by 505 III UG & 94 II PG students.


                 Alumnae Association of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women ( Autonomous), Periyakulam, organised an alumnae gathering on 23/9/2023 at Presentation Convent, Girls Higher Secondary School, Theni. 85 Alumnae from various batches participated and shared their reminiscences with gratitute towards their alma mater.