*  To emerge as the best citizen of consumer club and to spread awareness on consumer rights amongst all consumer segment especially among college students



*  To enable students understand fundamental rights of a citizen and make them realize and learn the fundamental duties of a good citizen
* To make them aware of laws enacted for protection/ welfare of consumers and enforcement authorities concerned


Dr. Sr. S. Jesurani Principal & Chairman
Dr. Mrs. K. Sakaya Gracy Co-ordinator & Assistant Professor in Tamil
Mrs. P. RajaPushpam Member
Mrs.J.Anitha Member
Mrs. A.B. Shanmugapriya  Member




S.No. Event & Guest lecture    Date & Place




Essay Writing.

Topic:” Indraiya ilaiya thalaimuraiyin nugarvu kalacharam”

First    Prize   : C. Shanmuga Priya, III B.Com.

Second  Prize: M. Soundarya, II BBA

Third Prize   : S. Maria Stefy, III B.Sc. Physics

24.10.2013, JAC


Outdoor Competitions

Speech  Competitions

Second Prize    : A. Claret Subitcha, III Mathematics

Identify  Competitions

Third Prize :S. Sabina Banu, R. Keerthana,  III B.A.

24.01.2014, Kanakku Vellayiyammal Girls Hr.Sec. School, Chinnamanur
3. Consumer Awareness Campaign:

M. Karthika, II B.Sc. Physics  gave eloquent speech on Consumer Awareness to the villagers

19.07.2014,  Periyakulam Surrounding


Guest Lecture: “Consumer Rights AndDuties”, Mr. P. Puthuraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni 08.08.2014, JAC
5. Awareness programme: Drama,

Speech on adulteration

13.09.2014, Sakkaraippatti
6. Guest Lecture : “Consumer Rights and Draw backs of Advertisements” DR. Mrs. P. Floras Mary, Associate Professor of History, JAC 16.10.2014, JAC
7. Competitions:

Essay writing

First Prize      : P. Archana, III B.Sc. Computer Science

Second Prize  : G. Renugadevi, I B.Sc. Mathematics

verse writing:

First  Prize     :  R. Kayalvizhi,  I M.Sc. Mathematics

Second Prize  : A. Anitha I B.Sc. Zoology





12.12.2014 , JAC

8. Outdoor Competitions

Verse writing 

First Prize  : P. Darani, II B.Sc. Physics

Speech Competition:

Third Prize : G. Renugadevi, I B.Sc. Mathematics

Finding out Competition:

Second Prize: P. Mehala, I B.Com.

23.01.2015   Presentation convent, Theni. In connection      with International Consumer Protection Day, District level Competitions. Conducted by the Civil Supplies Department of Theni District
9. Exhibition related to Consumers Exploitation 09.02. 2015, JAC
10. Guest Lecture: “The utility of burning gas” Mr. Rangarajan, Proprietor,  Konar Gas Agency 12.08.2015, JAC
11. Guest Lecture: “Consumer Rights and Duties”. Mr.P.Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell ,Theni 14.09.2015, JAC
12. Guest Lecture: “Vanigamae koil, vaadikkaiyalarae Theivam.” Dr. Mrs. Rejina, Assistant Professor in Tamil, JAC 08.12.2015, JAC




Outdoor Competitions

Verse writing 

Third Prize :  R.Kayalvizhi, II M.Sc. Maths

Essay writing 

Third Prize : G.Renugadevi I B.Sc.Maths

Speech Competition:

Complementary prize: G. Renugadevi I B.Sc. Mathematics

Finding out Competition:

Third Prize:  R. Susma, II BBA

14.01.2016, Collector office, Theni. In Connection with International Consumer Protection Day, District level Competitions were conducted by the Civil Supplies Department of Theni District


Guest Lecture: “Tharakkattuppadu”, Mr.P.  Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell ,Theni 29.01.2016, JAC






Essay writing:

First Prize   :  R. Anusuya, I B.Sc. Zoology

Second Prize: A. Thaslima Banu, I B.Sc. Mathematics

Verse writing:

First Prize  : M. Dharani, III B.Sc. Physics

Second Prize: M. Lavanya, III B.Sc. Physics

15.02.2016 , JAC
16. Guest Lecture: “The necessity and awareness of the Consumer”. Mr. P. Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni. 29.07.2016, JAC
17. Guest Lecture:  “Corrupted Commercial Business Practice”. Mr. P. Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni. 14.10.2016, JAC
18. Guest Lecture: “What is GST? The New Indirect Tax GST- The new indirect tax regime’, Dr. Mrs. I. Maria Jesili, Associate Professor of Commerce, JAC, ‘Benefits of GST’, Mrs. N. Lavanya Lakshmi, Assistant Professor in Business Administration, JAC and ‘Multiple Rates of GST,’ Mrs. C. Kalaivani, Assistant Professor in Commerce with Computer Applications, JAC  



05.07.2017, JAC




Guest Lecture: “The necessity and Awareness of the Consumer”. Mr. P. Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni 04.08.2017, JAC
20. Field trip to Ration shop in Thamaraikulam 20.10.2017
21. Field trip to shop 20.11.2017, Ganapathi Silks, Theni
22. Guest Lecture: “ Consumer Awareness’’ Mr. P. Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell ,Theni 03.08.2018, JAC
23. Competitions: Verse writing and Essay writing competitions were held on the topic “Vilambaram- Sadhahamaum Padhahamum” 29.08.2018
24. Field trip to Ration shop 03.10.2018, Thamaraikulam
25. Field trip 07.02.2019, Lucky Super Market, Periyakulam
26. Guest Lecture: Gas Awareness – Mr. Prabaharan, consumer safety officer and Mr. Chandra Mohan, Proprietor, Vasu Indane Gas, 01.03.2019, JAC
27. Guest Lecture: “Misleading Advertisements and Food Adulteration”  Mrs. J. Jasmine Selvapackiam, Assistant Professor in Business Administration, JAC 15.03. 2019, JAC
28. Guest Lecture:  “Consumer Awareness”. Mr. P. Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni and Mr. Prabhakaran, Deputy Tahsildar, Periyakulam  

13.08. 2019, JAC

29. Guest Lecture: “Gas Awareness” – Mr. Chandra Mohan , Proprietor, Vasu Indane Gas, Periyakulam and Mr. Jalal, Taluk Supply Officer, Periyakulam 27.09.2019
30. Field trip to “Ration Shop” 18.12.2019, Thamarikulam
31. Guest Lecture:“Consumer Awareness”-Mr. P.Pudhuraja, Head, Consumer Association guidance cell, Theni 02.03.2021
32. Guest Lecture:“Growing Market for Duplicate Product”. Mrs. J. Jasmine, Head, Department of Business Administration 15.03.2021
32. Guest Lecture:“Global Iodine Deficience Day”. Mr.K. Thirunavukarasu
Mr. P. Puthuraja
33. Guest Lecture:“National Consumer Day”. Mr. P. Puthuraja
Mr. K.Ochadevan
Mr.K. murugan
34. Guest Lecture:“Misleading Advertisement and Food Adultration”. Mrs. J. Jasmine Selvapackiam 27.01.2022
35. Essay Writing: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.

First Prize:S: Venisha -I B.Sc Computer Science

Second Prize: A.H.Riza Fathima-I B.A.Tamil

36. An awareness programme -Mr.P.Puthuraja, Head Consumer Guidance cell,Theni 23.03.2022
37. Verse Writing Competition:

Topic: Drug Abuse and prevention strategies

First prize: K.Sakthi Kaviya-II History(TM)

Second Prize :K.Sivaranjani-II B.A.Tamil

38. Guest Lecture :

”Consumer Awareness”-Mr.P.Puthuraja,District co-ordinator, Citizen Consumer Club, Gudalur.

39. Special lecture “World Iodine Deficiency Day”


40.  Essay Writing

Topic”நுகர்வோர்குரியகடமைகளும் உரிமைகளும்”
First Prize: S.Prathiba – II B A Eng (R)
Second prize: R.DeviVaishnu I Maths(R)

41.  Ration Shop Visit

The Chief guest Mr. P. Puthuraja, District Co-Ordinator, Citizen Consumer club, Consumer Rights Protection Society, Gudalur

24th January 2023
42.  Drawing competition

Topic “Consumer Awareness”
First Prize: S. Thasleema Banu I BSc. Zoology
Second prize:R.Sivaranjani II BA Tamil

43. Field visit

Field visit to Theni district Court at Lakshmipuram,Theni Dt on Mr.P.Puthuraja, the consumer activist, Co-ordinator, Theni






JAC was awarded for the best consumer club award and also received case for it.


Consumer Club members became aware of the fundamental Rights and duties of a citizen.
Various guest lectures were organized to help the Students to know about the Consumer protection Act and Consumer welfare schemes.
Students were given certificates for participating in district level competitions.

The consumer club of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for women (Autonomous) organized a special lecture on “Global Iodine Deficiency Day”-21.10.2021

In Connection with World Disabled Day Red Ribbon Club, Hebsen & Consumer Club, Youth Red Cross In Collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society – Junior Red Cross, Theni organized a special event to Special Children in Press and Day Star- 3.12.2021

World consumer Rights Day






Department of Food Supply and Consumer Protection ,(Theni district), celebrated the ‘World consumer Day’ & ‘National Consumer Day’ on 30.3.2023. Jayaraj Annapackiam college for Women,(Autonomous),Periyakulam,Theni , received the “Best Consumer Club Award” in district level . District collector, District Consumer court judge presided over the function & distribute the awards

Consumer Club of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous),Periakulam arranged Guest Lecture on “Consumer Awareness” on 8th september, 2022. Dr. K. Sakaya Gracy, Co-Ordinator of Consumer club welcomed the gathering. The Chief guest Mr. P. Puthuraja, District Co-Ordinator, Citizen Consumer club, Consumer Rights Protection Society, Gudalur, created awareness among the students about consumer rights, and food adultration. He also discussed the Consumer laws and rights and advised us to make use of the consumer rights in a right manner. He insisted us to check the valid time duration of the product before purchasing and stated that it is the responsibility of every consumer to raise a complaint and take necessary action if any malpractise happens in the public. Students came out with their doubts and it was clarified by the resource person. Mrs. Kasthuri, Assistant Professor of History, Member of Consumer club, proposed the vote of thanks. Around 50 students participated in the programme and got benefited.

Inconnection with, “National Consumer Day”,The Consumer Club conducted an essay Writing competition in the topic “Efh;Nthh;Fhpa flikfSk; chpikfSk;” to the students on 20.12.2022. The programme was organized by Consumer Club Co-Ordinator Dr.Sakaya Gracy and regulated by Consumer club Members Dr.S.Kasthuri, Mrs.Anitha and Mrs.S.Devashanthi. Nearly 35 students have participated and benefitted through this programme.
The Prize winners of the competition:
First Prize: S.Prathiba – II B A Eng (R)
Second prize: R.Devi Vaishnu I Maths(R)

Awareness programme on 24th January 2023

Drug Abuse

Consumer Awareness

“World Iodine Deficiency Day” 28.10.2022

Essay Writing  on 20.12.2022.

Ration Shop Visit

Drawing competition

Field visit to Theni district Court at Lakshmipuram,Theni Dt on 14.03.2023