Department of English


          Since 1972, the year of its inception, the department of English has been significantly contributing to the mission of empowering the marginalized, rural, and economically weak young women through quality education. It strives tirelessly towards perfection in realizing the institution’s vision and mission under the banner of its motto, “Serve with Love”.

        The department offers innovative, career-oriented and tailored courses to hone language competency and critical thinking. A consecrated tradition of effectual teaching by unswerving teachers makes learning an amiable phenomenon. We chisel our students into academic competency through bridge courses for freshers, organisation of state, national, international seminars, conferences and guest lecturers. The bi-annual Department magazine, “Wings” gives platform to the imaginative and creative faculties of the students. The reading club, “Open Minds” fosters reading habit, thereby enriching language and life skills. Our writing club, “English Bookery”, through various creative activities enhances the writing skills of the students. Software like ETNL and Lady Hawk are used to encourage language acquirement in General English students. We create a vibrant educational environment that is conducive of learning, self-development, creativity and research. 2021-2022 saw the grand commemoration of the Golden Jubilee year of the Department.


            To enrich and empower our students through transformative education that would create graduates who are well-grounded in the contents and methods of literary studies, communication skills and creative writing. Through a broad spectrum of courses which offer a fine balance of traditional and contemporary literature and language, we endeavour to shape our students to be professionals in the fields of education, research, business, government, and publishing.


  • To promote English literacy in first generation learners, specifically the ability to read, write, and think critically.
  • To balance the needs of general education – communication, diversity, global perspectives, interdisciplinary studies – through a relevant syllabus.
  • To stimulate creative curiosity crucial to English studies through theatre productions, readings by writers, creative programmes and presentations.
  • To give students a sense of a larger community through appreciation of literature and diverse culture.
  • To give students a sense of themselves as citizens of a larger community through appreciation of literature and diverse culture.
  • To disseminate knowledge in a rigorous academic and research environment.
  • To ensure faculty scholarship and service through continuous learning, research and participation in activities of the profession.

Core Values:

  • Creative Excellence
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Inclusiveness
  • Employability


Course Year Established
U.G. Programme 1972
Certificate Course in Communicative English 2003
P. G. Programme 2005
Career Oriented Certificate/Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Course 2010
Teaching Staff – Aided Programme
Management Staff – Aided Programme
Teaching Staff – Un-Aided Programme
Retired Staff 
    • Mrs. K. Premavalli, 1972- 2004
    • Mrs. Rita Gudule Poobala Rayan, 1972-2008
    • Rev. Sr. T. Canisius, 1976-2006
    • Mrs. G. Vijayarani, 1981-2010
    • Mrs. M. Nabisa, 1981-2014
    • Mrs. T. M. Umarani, 1982-2017
    • Mrs. G. Vijayalekshmi, 1983-2019
    • Mrs. I. Jeya Pushpa, 1986-2017
    • Miss B. Annapoorani, 1987-2016
    • Dr. Ms. Gomez Sophia, 1990-2019


Date Name of the Seminar/Conference/Workshop Agency Level
28th September, 2005 Seminar on “Skill Development and Teaching Language Skills Through Literature” JAC Regional
20th and 21st September, 2007 Seminar on Recent Trends in English UGC National
25th September, 2008 Intercollegiate Meet -MUSE 2008 JAC Regional
30th July, 2009 Guest Lecture on Current Teaching Techniques of Developing Communication Skills in English JAC Regional
6th &7th August, 2009 Seminar on Portrayal of Gender Discrimination in Post-Colonial Literature UGC National
7th January, 2011 Intercollegiate Meet -MUSE 2011 JAC Regional
10th February, 2012 Intercollegiate Meet -MUSE 2012 and Guest Lecture, “Relevance of Shakespeare Today” JAC Regional
11th February, 2013 Guest Lecture on “Shakespearean Theatre and Stage Craft” JAC Regional
20th February, 2013  Seminar -Dual Marginalization JAC Regional
14th August, 2013 Guest Lecture- “An Evaluative Approach to Girish Karnad and Angela Carter” JAC Regional
4th January, 2014 Workshop on “Deconstruction: Theory and Practice” JAC International
25th October, 2014 Guest Lecture on“English in the 21st Century” JAC Regional
29th October, 2014 Guest Lecture on “Memory Power” JAC Regional
25th October, 2014 Guest Lecture on“English in the 21st Century” JAC Regional
06th March, 2015 Interdisciplinary Workshop on “Literature in Life and Life in Literature” JAC Regional
13th August, 2015 Guest Lecture on Comparative International Higher Education JAC International
11th &
12th February, 2016
Seminar on Gender based Violence in English Literature JAC National
13th July, 2016. Guest Lecture, “Finding God in All Things” JAC International
14th February, 2017 Seminar on Shakespeare: An Enigma JAC National
6th July, 2017 Guest Lecture on “Tudor Period – A Pervasive View” JAC International
11th December, 2017 Guest Lecture on “Women in Post- Colonial Literature” JAC Regional
06th February, 2018 Afro-American Literature: Modern Interpretations JAC Regional
27th February, 2019 Seminar on Women in Literature JAC National
06th January, 2020 Neoteric Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing JAC International
29th February, 2020 Eco- Carnival JAC Interdepartmental
18th to 20th June, 2020 5 week Online Net/Set Paper II Coaching JAC Regional
16th June, 2020 Webinar on the Exercise of Outcome Based Education in English Language and Literature JAC National
14th to 22nd July, 2020 One week Online Workshop on Communication Skills in collaboration with Hope Club and Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK JAC International
20/01/22 Webinar on ‘Literary Gerontology: Ageing and Creative Imagination’ JAC National
22/01/2022 Webinar on ‘Global Indigenous Literature’ JAC National
24/01/2022 Webinar on ‘Critiquing the Canon’ JAC National
25/01/2022 Webinar on ‘Socio-Political Relevance of Marxist Concepts’ JAC National
27/01/2022 Webinar on ‘Aesthetics in Post- humanism’ JAC National
29/01/2022 Webinar on ‘Recent trends in English Language Learning and Teaching’ JAC National
01/02/2022 Webinar on ‘E-Colonialism’ JAC National
03/02/2022 Webinar on ‘Experimental Learning on Alternative Approach to Teach Literature in a Training Room’ JAC International
05/02/2022 Webinar on ‘Critical Disability Theory’ JAC National
07/10/2022 Drama Competition on Green Environment JAC Interdepartmental
07/10/2022 Guest Lecture on ‘Persistent Learning Challenges and the Possible Solutions’ JAC Regional
02/09/2023 Indian Knowledge Systems: The Evolution of Dramaturgy, Aesthetics and Theory English Dramatics & IQAC NATIONAL


Research Projects:




Staff Name


The Socio-Political Perspectives of Multiculturalism in Kushwant Singh’s ‘Train to Pakistan’, Anita Desai’s ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’, Amitav Ghosh’s ‘An Antique Land’ and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake’

Ms. Annapoorani

Structure Based Morphophonemics for Teaching & Learning

Dr. J. Preethi
2021-23(On Going)

Lack of Nonverbal communication during Pandemic-A Case study on the school children in Theni District

Mrs. U. Anamica
2022-2024(On Going)

Enhancement of Speaking Proficiency in English Through Listening Skills: A Case Studyt

Mrs. P. Selvarani

A Cross-Cultural Study of Food,
Culture and Gender: A Study on the
Select Novels of Murakami and

L.P. Priyanka

Research Projects:

  •    Dr. Josephine, Assistant professor of English published papers titled, Teaching of Language and Literature through multimedia- Students Challenges and Perspectives in The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Vol:XCV, No31 , ISSN 0972-0766.
  •    Unparalleled Sacrifice Versus Single- Minded Perseverance in Sudhamurthy’s Gently Falls the Bakula in Shodha Prabha, Vol:47 issue-1, No.17:2022 , ISSN 0974-8946.
  •     Mrs. Angeline Sorna published the Paper, “Acts of Love in Times of Hatred: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Etty Hillesum’s Approach to Love” in Cithara: Essays on Judeo- Christian Tradition in May, 2022.
  •     Dr. J. Josephine Assistant Professor of English published a chapter in the book English Language Teaching, Media, and Communication Studies, Current Trends published by Upanayan Publications Delhi in Decmber,2022
  •    Dr. J.Preethi, Assistant Professor of English published a paper on Structure Based Morphophonemics for Teaching and Learning in the journal Neuroquantolology in November, 2022
  •    Mrs. B. Mary Suba Assistant professor of English published a paper on Translation Procedure and Evaluation with reference to Gitanjali and Aciya Jyothi, ISBN NO 978-93-91553-99-9, June,2022.
  • Dr. J. Preethi, Assistant professor of English received Ph.D guideship from Mother Teresa University on 10-6-2022.
  • Mrs.Angeline Sorna and Mrs. U. Anamica, Assistant professors of English submitted Ph.D Thesis respectively on 31-5-2022 & 20-6 -2022.


Year Title Names
2021-2022(On Going) “A case study of rural college freshers ability to learn English as a second language during pandemic” V. Harini Sri, A. Lohitha, S.Jeyasaratha, M.Samyukktha, C.Santhiya and R.Sindhuja, I M.A
(Guided by DR.S.Arokiya Nirmal Dorothy, Asst. Prof. of English, JAC





2013 Mrs. M. Nabisa

Associate Professor

ISBN: 978-81-7735-664-9
Pavai Publications,
142, Jani Jan Khan Road,
Royapettah, Chennai – 600 014.
2016 Mrs. T. M. Umarani

Associate Professor

ISBN :978-93-81723
Dr. Ms. Gomez Sophia

Associate Professor

Department of English
Jayaraj Annapackiam college For women (Autonomous)
Mrs. U. Anamica

Assistant Professor

Periyakulam – 625601.
2016 Ms. Petricia Alphine Nirmala

Assistant Professor

ISBN: 978-81-2343-204-5
New Century Book House (P) Ltd.,
41 – B, SIDCO Industrial Estate,
Ambattur, Chennai – 600 098.
2017 Mrs. T. M. Umarani

Associate Professor

ISBN: 978-93-84193-78-2
Dr. Ms. Gomez Sophia

Associate Professor

Department of English
Jayaraj Annapackiam college For women (Autonomous)
Mrs. U. Anamica Periyakulam – 625601.
2017 Mrs. U. Anamica &  Angeline Sorna

Assistant Professors

Communication Skills
ISBN: 978-81-923121-3-2
PG Department of English,
Jayaraj Annapackiam College (Autonomous)
2017 Mrs. Angeline Sorna

Assistant Professor 

Value Education
ISBN: 978-81923121-4-9
Department of Foundation Courses
Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous)
 2018 Dr. Ms. Gomez Sophia

Associate Professor

ISBN: 978-93-86712-18-9
Mrs. U. Anamica

Assistant Professor

Laser Point,
Madurai – 625 003.
2019 Dr. Ms. Gomez Sophia

Associate Professor

ISBN: 978-93-8671261-
Mrs. U. Anamica

Assistant Professor

Laser Point,
Madurai – 625 003.
2021 Mrs. Angeline Sorna

Mrs. U. Anamica

Assistant Professors

Fifty Years of Serving with Love: The Journey’
ISBN No: 978-81-949064-8-3
Hi-Tech Universal Publishers


  •    Mrs. J. Sharmila and Mrs. B. Mary Suba Assistant professors of English published a book titled Literary Treat, Cape Comorin Publisher, ISBN NO 978-93-945103-4-0, April, 2023.
  •    Mrs. A. Monika and Miss. E. Sahaya Merlin Assistant professors of English published a book titled UGC NET/SET General Paper: Answers with Explanations. ISBN NO 9788119106066, March, 2023.
  • Anamica. Asst. Professor of English has completed her viva-voce on 3rd November, 2023
  • J. Emagulate Rani published two research articles in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai on 2nd &3rd Sep, 2023. (UGC CARE List)
  • B. Mary Suba, published a research article in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai on 2nd &3rd Sep, 2023. (UGC CARE List)
  • L.P. Priyanka, Assistant Professor of English has published a research article in the International Journal of Research on September 2023. (Peer reviewed)
  • J. Josephine has got approval for Guideship from Mother Teresa Women’s University on 5th December 2023.
  • Dr. J. Josephine Published a research article in the E-Journal Langlit An International Peer Reviewed Open Access Journal
  • J. Josephine attended Online Workshop titled “Artificial Intelligence as a Magical Tool for Teachers & Researchers: Challenges and Opportunities” in Sacred College, Kochi on 10-08-2023.
  • J. Josephine attended Interdisciplinary Seminar Cum Workshop on “Translation Skills / ெமாழிெபயர்ப்பு திறன் at JAC on 30th August 2023.
  • J. Josephine attended and presented paper for International Conference on Migration, Identity Formations, Strained Fraternity and Social Transformation among Sri Lankan Tamils in Tamil Nadu at JAC on 26-09-2023.
  • Dr. J. Josephine published a paper on the topic The Impact of Migration Stressors on the Psychological Well-being and Family Dynamics of Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees; A Comprehensive Analysis in Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, UGC Care Approved, Group 1, Peer Reviewed and Referred Journal , ISSN: 0972-0766. Vol. XCIX, No. 3.
  • B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English, published a paper on “Resistance of the natives: with reference to In Search of April Rain Tree” by Beatrice Culletons Mosionier in Journal of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, ISSN: 0972-0766,  VOLUME xcix,ISSUE 1, September ,2023
  • B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English, published a paper on “Nature in the writings of William Wordsworth” and published in Pranav Journal
  • B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English, published a book chapter titled “A study of caste politics and exploration of life in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things” in the book titled Women Premiers published on January 2023 ISBN No 978-624-98146-1-5
  • J. Josephine published a paper on the topic EXPLORING THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON THE BUTTERFLY IN BARBARA KINGSOLVER’S FLIGHT BEHAVIOR in Humanities and Social Science Studies, ISSN 2319-829X Vol. 12, Issue 2, No. 16, July – December: 2023.
  • J. Josephine attended Leadership Seminar for Higher Education Leadership Institute (CUHELI), Sponsored by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia in Christ University, Bangalore on 27-11-2023- 30-11-2023.
  • J. Josephine served as External Member of the Board of Studies Meeting of B.Voc on 08-01-2024 at JAC Campus.


Student Achievements:

    • The students of the Department of English were the proud winners of the Overall Shield of the Intra-college Fine Arts Competitions for five subsequent years (2010-2015).

    • Deepika Priyadharshini & K. R. Shunmugapriya of II M. A. English and M. Pavithra of II M. A. English attended The Big Hope 2 Young Leaders Congress at Liverpool Hope University from 13th to 20th June, 2018.

    • The Department of English won the overall championship for games in 48th Sports Meet of Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women (Autonomous), held on 25th January, 2019.

    • Sona Rosalin, III B.A. English was selected to represent Mother Teresa Women’s University in the South Zone Inter-University Tournament held at University of Kerala.
    • Chanthiya, II B.A English received a Medal for Best Cadet in Culturals at CATC, NTA, Idayapatti on 29th April, 2022.
    • Subiksha II BA English (R) participated in State Level Speech Competition conducted by  the minorities Welfare Department of Tamil Nadu Government, and won the First Prize of Rs.20,000.
    • Kabila from III BA English R. (20JUENR16) participated in a Speech Competition on the topic “Perarignar Annavin Adichuvattil” held on 16-09-2022 at the Collector office, Theni and secured the First Prize of Rs.5000.
    • S. Kabila from III BA English R. (20JUENR16) Participated a speech competition on the topic “Perarignar Annavin Adichuvattil” held on 16-09-2022 at Collector office. Theni and secured Ist Prize with Rs.5000 cash award.
    • The students of English participated in an Intercollegiate SHESHAT 2023 on the theme of the portrayal of the Elizabethan Age organized by Arul Anandhar College, (Autonomous), Karumathur on 04-03-2023. 14 students participated in various competitions like Quiz, Skit, Essay Competition, Poetry Writing, Literary Parade, News Reading, and Mime. Ms S. Divya Sankari II R won the first prize in an Essay Competition.
    • Mrs.U.Anamica (Batch 2002-2007) cleared NET exam on 5.11.2022.
    • Ms. Karthiga (Batch 2014-2017) cleared NET exam on April, 2023.
      student achivements.

 National /State Level Recognition :

S. No. Name Title
8. Mrs. U. Anamica NET

Faculty AWARDS

Mrs. B. Mary Suba, Assistant professor of English received Awards,:

      • “Kalvi Mamani viruthu” by Pasumai vassal foundation ,Dindigul, Tamilnadu Panaimaram kakum pathukappu iyakkam,kanyakumari & kamaraj ilaignar valarchi peravai.kanyakumari on 15/7/2022.

      • “Azadi Ka Amrit Modern Freedom Fighters Excellence Awards-2022” from Namaste India Foundation &TIP Community on 15-8-2022.

      • “The unity Day Award” by Indian Achiever’s Forum in August,2022

      • “Meignanam Olichemmal Award”, Pankalai Olichemmal award and Senthamil Olichemmal award from Pasumai Vasal Foundation. On 24-10-2022

      • “Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Educators Award” on 27/7/2022 by TIP Group of Educators.

      • “Kalvi Kalankarai Vilakku Award” from Pasumai Vasal Foundation. Dindigul on 17-1-2023 in connection with Makkal Thilagam M.G.R vallal Awards- 2023

      • “People transforming nation Award” from Indian Achievers Forum on 26-1-2023

      • Best Teacher Award from Chakra Sanmarga Theological Society at Chennai 0n 25-2-2023

      • “Kavi Suriyan Award”, Arivu Suriyan Award, Sevai Alumai Award, Kalai Suriyan Award from Pasumai Vasal Foundation & Sri success Academy 0n 1-3-2023.

      • “Sinthanai Methahu Mahalir” Award from Sinthanai sirakukal Nagai Sankamam, Nagai on 08- 03-2023

      • “Sathanai Women Award” from Tamil Ilakkiya Mantam ,Theni 0n 08-03-2023

      • “Education Excellence Award (English Literature)- 2022 ” on September,5 from GRF INTERNATIONAL AWARDS & HONOURS ,Global Research Foundation and Kaav Media.

      • “Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Education Excellence Awards- 2022 ” on September,5 from Namaste India Foundation.

      • Mrs. B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English, received Best Teacher Award-2023 from Tamil Thai Foundation On 05-09-2023
      • Mrs. B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English, received Desathin Oli Chudar Award-2023 from Pasumai Vasal Foundation On 05-09-2023
      • Mrs. B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English, received Nallasiriyar Mamani Award-2023 from Sen Nexus & Ulaga Tamilan Pathipagam On 30-09-2023
      •  Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English received “Vanitha Muthaiya Mamani Award ” from Pasumai Vasal Foundation on 5/10/2023
      • B. Mary Suba, Assistant Professor of English received “ Karmaveerar Kamarajar Award ” from Kamban Kalvi Kalaham on 8/10/2023
      • Mrs. B. Mary Suba, Assistant professor of English received “Panmuga Pavarasu Award ” from Vadalore Tamil Sangam & Vallalar Mutrhamil Peravai on 13-12-2023, Reg. No SRG-CUD-99/2022
      • Mrs. B. Mary Suba, Assistant professor of English received “Nesamani Kavi Award ” from Vadalore Tamil Sangam & Vallalar Mutrhamil Peravai on 26-12-2023, Reg. No SRG-CUD-99/2022


Prominent Alumnae


1.   Mrs.Vijayarani 9865762170 Correspondent of the school Renuga Vidayalaya School, Periyakulam.
2.  Ms. Annapoorani 9791799183 Assistant Professor of English Mary Matha College, Periyakulam.
3.   Mrs. Sowntharnayagi Journalist Mumbai
4.   Mrs. Thanga Princy Sheeba 9488968685 Employee ,Railway Postal Department Madurai.
5. Mrs.Shiyamini 9384116623 Teacher Mary Matha Higher Secondary  School, Theni.
6.  Mrs. Sheeba 9566580931 Teacher Rosy Primary School, Kailasapatti.
7.  Mrs. Sangeetha 8428380680 Teacher Mary Matha Higher Secondary  School, Theni.
8.  Mrs. Tamil Selvi 9092688918 HOD of English Renuga Vidayalaya School, Periyakulam.
9.  Mrs. Gayathiri 9688695889 Teacher Renuga Vidayalaya School, Periyakulam.
10.  M. Pushpa 8870448774 BRTE, District coordinator, vellore CEO Office. 20,South Street, Jakkampatti, Aundipatti.
11. Mrs. Pallavi Natarajan 9884091201 Manager, PMO, Head,

Wipro Technologies,Chennai.

165,Casa Grande Urbano, Vengadamangalam, Ponmar, Chennai.
12. M. Sangeetha 9444824011 Mentor. APL Global School, Thoraipakkam, Chennai.
13. Dr. R. Dhanalakshmi 9976121404 Assistant Professor of English & Dean for Research, UGC &University Affairs. Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Pasumalai, Madurai-4
14.  K. Deepa 97091623028 Guest Lecturer

MKU College, out post, Madurai

192,LIG colony, K.K.Nagar, Madurai.
15. N. Rajalakshmi 9788678479 PG Teacher in English Government Girls Higher Secondary School Periyakulam.
16. R. Shanmuga Priya 9789597223 Vice Principal,

Sri Vidya Matric Hr. Sec. school, Virudhunagar.

11 Gurunathan Kovil Street, Palayampatti, Aruppukottai Tk. 626112
17.  Mrs. Suganya 8754269051 Teacher, Dept. of English BVM Global CBSE School, Coimbatore.
18. Mrs. Karthiga 9629027729 Assistant Professor of English Mary Matha College, Periyakulam.
19. Mrs. Shanthi Kamaraj 8973368895 Teacher The Little Kingdom, Vedhapuri, Theni.
20.  Ms. Renuga Devi 7598031252 Assistant Professor of English Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.
21. Ms. Lavanya 8838570550 Assistant Professor Nadar Saraswathi College Of Arts And Science, Theni.
22. Mrs. Kothaikani 9965546242 Assistant Professor Mannar Tirumalai Nayakar College, Madurai.
23. Ms. K.Shanmugapriya 8754218073 Assistant Professor Dhanpalan College Of Arts and Science, Pudur, Chennai.
24. Ms. Jeyarani 8870413762 Teacher CPI College, Bodi
25.  Sr. Inigo 9894189028 Asst. Professor Holy Cross College, Trichy.
26. Mrs. Abinaya 7598198621 BT Teacher Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Lakshmipuram.
27.  H. Ann Shini 8300100144  Assistant Professor Muslim Arts College. Thiruvithancode
28. R. Esther Salomi 8012257720 Teacher MRP Memorial  Primary and Nursery School, Dindigul
29.  Ms. Afroze 8098905423 Teacher Mary Matha School, Theni
30.  Ms. Vinita 9585079205 Project Associate 8th Floor, Magnum, Thuraipaakam, Chennai Taramani 100 Feet Road, Velachery, Chennai _600097


Int.Com 04546231482- 222
Email jaceng@annejac.ac.in

PG Department of English Virtual Alumnae Meet-21.11.2021

Golden Jubilee Celebration Photos
The PG Department of English and the PG and Research centre of Tamil organized an interdisciplinary Seminar Cum Workshop on Translation Skills on 30.0.2023.
Bulletin Board
Inception : 1972
Courses Offered : UG (Aided & Unaided), PG
No. of Faculty members : 14
No. of Students : UG: 140 PG: 38
No. of Awards : Faculty: 20
Paper Publications : International: 78
National: 121
Impact Factor: 5.75
Paper Presentations : International:24 National:102
Conference / Workshop Attended : International:54
Conference / Workshop Organized : International: 8

National: 15
State Level:16