Scholars Awarded Ph.D.

Sl.No. Name of the Scholar Name of the Department    Name of   the Guides        Title of the Thesis Year of Registration Year of Award
1. G. Sumathi Zoology Dr. Arockiam Thaddeus Bioinventory and Biodiversity studies on Earthworms of Theni District for Prospective Vermiculture 2010 2016
2. J. Lilly Jeba Karunya History Dr. J. Delphin Prema Dhanaseeli Christian Protestants Missionary Contribution to Tamilnadu in the Area of Health, 1830-1930 A.D. 2013 2017
3. R. Anitha Chemistry Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam Evaluation of Novel Quinones as Phototherapeutic agents 2013 2018
4. B. Ubahara Mary History Dr. J. Delphin Prema Dhanaseeli Welfare activities of St. Anne’s Congregation to empower Rural Women in Theni District – A Study 2014 2018
5. Mrs. K. Southamani Chemistry Dr. Sr. Y Yesu Thangam Synthesis and studies on metal complexes of Heterocyclic Ligands and other Biologically active complexes 2013 2019
6. Mrs. M. Nithya Kalyani Mathematics Dr. Sr. P. Helan Chandra A Study on Computing Systems of Generative Models for Picture Languages 2014 2019
7. Ms. J. Philomental Karoline Mathematics Dr. P. Helan Chandra An Innovative Study on Fuzzy Mechanism in Artificial Cell System 2015 2019
8. Ms. A. Anitha Physics Dr. Mrs. M. Arulmozhi Studies on Excitons in Low Dimensional Nanaostructures with varied profiles 2014 2019
9. I. Geetha Zoology Dr. Mrs. S. Catherine P. Alexander Andrographis paniculata as a potential immunostimulant in Cyprinus carpio against Aeromonas hydrophila infection 2013 2020
10. M. Kanchilakshmi Zoology Dr. Arockiam Thaddeus Distribution and substrate specific studies on earthworm confined to Theni and Dindigul Districts 2014 2020
11. R.Medona Mary Zoology Dr. Sr. T. Nirmala Composition and trophic categorization of aquatic insects in sothuparai reservoir 2014 2020
12. M. Kalaimathi Chemistry Dr. Sr. Y. Yesu Thangam Synthesis and characterization of Metal (II) complexes as biomodels and DNA intercalators 2014 2020
13. M. Nazeema Banu Zoology Dr. Sr. T. Nirmala  Investigation of the Microorganism and the Effect of Tannery Effluent on Soil Properties and Plant Growth for Bioremediation Process 2015 2021


P. Jini Varghese Mathematics Dr. Mrs. G. Michael Rosario A study on reliability of some systems in Fuzzy Environment August 2017  July 2023
15. R. Sarulatha Commerce Dr. Sr. B.J. Queensly Jeyanthi A study on comparative analysis of Indian Stock market with emerging and developed stock markets March 2017 July 2023
16. A. Sheela Zoology Dr. Mrs. M. R. Delphine Rose Insect Diversity Abundance and Population Distribution in Rice crops in Theni District February 2015 August 2023
17. C. Jeevitha Rani Chemistry Dr. A. Mary Imelda Jayaseeli Interaction with Bovine serum Albumin and Cytotoxicity of Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Schiff base Complexes derived from Salphen and Nophen Ligands July 2016 August 2023