• To make students aware of the different problems of the society in general and issues related to women and trying to impart moral values for personal growth, for the betterment of the society and national building and to widen the access of women in programmes of vocational and technical development.


  •  Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women aims to empower womenfolk in the rural area of Periyakulam and its surrounding to develop the futuristic perspective of social transformation, ecological, national and global consciousness.Besides academic excellence, the college strives to mold spiritually inspired, morally upright, socially committed, academically excellent and intellectually honest women to face the challenges of the globalized world.


  • Dr. Mrs. S. Sahayamary, Assistant Professor of History – Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs. J. Anitha, Assistant Professor in English – Member
  • Dr. Mrs. D. Arockia Jency, Assistant Professor in Physics – Member
  • Ms. M.  Dharani, B.Voc – Member


  • The business meeting on 10-2-89 was a significant one. Hundred questions to evaluate the present status of women were framed and it was decided to celebrate on 10th Feb as the Revival day.
  • Women cell offered to help the outgoing students in preparation of bio-data and facing the ordeal of interviews for jobs. (1988-89)
  • Dr. Regina Pappa, Director, Dept of womens’ studies, Alagappa University, Karaikal was the chairperson for the inauguration of women’s cell. (1995-1996)
  • A focus on “ Problems of working women at home and in their work spot” was given by team of our faculty. (1995-1996)
  • Women cell conducted an inter collegiate seminar on “ Does mass media uphold or degrade women-voice your views”. (1998-199)
  • International women’s Day was hall marked by the impressive and moving case studies presented by students and engrossing speeches by Mrs. P.G.Thamaraiselvi, Advocate, Law College, Coimbatore. (2001-2002)
  • Conducted Panel discussion on the role of women in the family and competition were conducted and prizes were distributed. (2002-2003)
  • Dr. AnandhvalliMahadevan, Vice Chancellor, Mother Tersa, Women’s University, Kodaikanal, presided. Explained the need for higher education with a mission and vision on 8-9-2003.
  • On 13.02.2004, Mrs. MaristaGonder, Psycho therapist and social worker from Australia Harmony through Awareness meditation Theme Calm down the inner wild horse to make a new world.
  • Women’s cell conducted various competitions in connection with women’s day celebration. (2004-2005)
  • In connection with the women’s day celebration on 8th March 2008, the women’s cell organized rally and a meeting along with NSS and Sarwodep.
  • Women’s cell has been successful, as a guiding star of the young women, who in the near future will be playing responsible roles in the society.2009-2010)
  • Women’s cell organized Guest Lecture on “ Contribution of women’s for societal changes and Development” (2011-2012)
  • Women’s Cell organized a Guest lecture on the topic  “Empowerment of Ideal Home Maker”, given by Rev. Fr. M. Arul, OFM, CAP, Secretary, Anugragha Institute of Social Sciences, Dindigul On 10th January 2013.
  • Mr. C. Uma Shankar, I.A.S., Commissioner, Chennai inaugurated the function by inspiring the students with his talk on “Women’s Role Society”.
  • Women cell invited Mrs. I. Rama Subramani, B.E., District Industries Centre, TheniCollectorate, Theni to deliver a lecture on “Government Policies and Programmers for Women Employment” on 18th February, 2014.
  • Mrs. SreeVidhyaSaravanan, M.L, Judical Magistrate, Theni Fast Track Court, TheniDist, Court, Theni to deliver a lecture on “Legal Protection for Women” on March 2014.
  • Women Cell creates gender awareness and strives towards women empowerment. Talks on “Legal Awareness Programme on Laws Exclusively for Women” were briefed by Mr. Rama Doss, Theni District Munsiff, Mr. G. Vijayakumar, Sub-Judge, Periyakulam and a team of Advocate from the District Court, PeriyakulamTaluk, Legal Service Committee on 26th November, 2015.
  • Women’s cell creates gender awareness and strives towards women empowerment. (2015-2016)
  • In connection with Women’s day was celebrated on 8th March 2016 with Rangoli and poster preparation competition were conducted on 22nd January, 2016.
  •  Women cell of JAC organized a training programme to develop entrepreneurship skills of the students on the topic ‘Training for Mushroom Cultivation’ on 8th August 2018. 30 students participated and benefited.
  • A training programme to develop innovative startups for the students was organized by Women cell on topic ‘Candle and Phenoyl Making’ on 7th September 2018. 25 students participated and enhanced.
  • Women Cell conducted an essay writing competition on the topic, ‘,d;iwa #o;ep;iyapy; ghujp fz;l GJikg; ngz;zpd; flikfs;’ to empower the responsibilities of women on 16th October , 2018
  • International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2019. Dr.JosephineArockia Mary, the founder of VIBIS NATURAL BEE FARM addressed the students.
  • Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship Skills, Dr. Sr. A. Sahaya Sangeetha, Director, Sarwodeep Social Work Centre, Periyakulam. 29th Aug,2019.
  • Guest Lecture on HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme, Mr.Frook, District Programme Manager, HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme, Theni. Mr. K.A.Raja, MSW Councellor, Bodi. Mrs.Daytona, Social Activist, Women Health Law, Theni. 23rd Sep, 2019.
  • Guest Lecture Gas Awareness Programme, Mr. Chandromohan, President of Consumer Club, Theni. Mr. Puthuraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni. Mr. Jalal, 27th Sep, 2019.
  • Field Visit Ration Shop, Mr. Puthuraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell, Theni. Mr. P.Thangapandi, Secretary, Primary Agricultural  Co-operative Credit Society. 18th Dec, 2019.
  • Guest Lecture Healthy Life Style, Mr. R. Vignesh, District ACSM officer, Govt. District Headquarters Hospital, Theni. 5thFeb, 2020.
  • Celebration Women’s Day Dr. Nimalan Neelamagem Mrs. L. Bhuvaneshwari, DDM, Theni. 7thMarch, 2020.
  • Activity Mangayarai Perapatharkae nalla madhavam seithidal vendum Amma B. Ramya- II M.Sc., Maths – Ist  prize, A. Selva Ruby – I MA., Tamil – IInd  prize, G. Ramya – III B.A.,Eng (R) – Ist prize, R. Gayarhri – II B.Sc., Maths(R)-IInd prize, S. Sushmitha – II B.Sc., ,Chemistry – Ist prize, C. Jeevitha- III B.Sc.,Chemistry-IInd prize, V. Rooth Hilda –IIIB.Sc.,,Chemistry – Ist  prize Sivapritha – II B.A., Eng (R)-IInd prize, 23rd Jan, 2020
  • In connection with International Women’s day celebration, the following competitions were conducted to all the UG and PG students on 02.03.2021, in the following topics
  •  1.Essay competition-“பெண்ணே உன்னால் உயர்ந்தது உலகம்”
  • 2.Verse writing-“பெண்ணே நீ கரையல்ல காவியம் ”
  • 3.Drawing  competition-“ பெண்கள் நேற்றும் இன்றும் நாளையும்”
  • International Women’s day was celebrated on 08.3.2021 in the St. Anne’s open auditorium. Dr. S. Chandra, Associate professor of Tamil, Sri Meenakshi Govt. College for Women (Autonomous), Madurai , was the chief guest and delivered   a lecture on the topic “ PEN SAKTHI PERUM SAKTHI “
  • The following women namely Mrs. C. Rajeshwari, Vadugapatti, Mrs. G. Kamini, Periyakualm, Mrs. N. Vasuhi, Sarathupatty and Mrs. P. Mallika, A. Meenakshipuram, were honoured with Women achiever award for their achievements in different fields.
  • In connection with International Women’s day celebration, the following competitions were conducted to all the UG and PG students on 02.03.2022, in the following topics
  • 1. Essay competition- Topic ‘’ பெண் நினைத்தால்”
    The winners are
    In English
    Selvi S. Surega I B.Sc. Zoology (R)- I Place
    Selvi V. Sandhiya- I M.Sc. Physics –II Place
    In Tamil
    Selvi B. Kanimozhi – I B. A. Tamil – I Place
    Selvi R. K. Dhana Praba II B.Sc. Chemistry II Place
  • 2. Verse writing- Topic “பெண் நினைத்தால்; ”
    The winners are
    In English
    Selvi R. Haritha – II B.Sc. Chemistry – I Place
    Selvi A. Rosalin Thendral – II M.Sc. Chemistry- II Place
    In Tamil
    Selvi E. Shanmuga Priya – III B.Sc. Chemistry I place
    Selvi K. Yogalakshmi – III B.Sc. Chemistry – II Place
  • 3. Drawing competition- Topic “பெண் சக்தி பெரும் சக்தி;”
    Selvi P. Nithya Sri – I M.Com. – I Place
    Selvi. M. Praveena – III B.Sc. Chemistry and Selvi K. Nandhini- I B.Sc. Computer Science- II Place
    Total number of students participated is 73
  • International Women’s day celebration 08.3.2022
    On behalf of Women cell International Women’s day was celebrated on 08.3.2022 in the St. Anne’s open auditorium. Rev. Sr. R.Antoniammal, Vice-President, J A College & Mother Provincial, Maria Province, Madurai, was the chief guest and delivered the presidential address on the topic “மகளிரின் மாண்பும் மகத்துவமும்”
  • During the programme “Best Challenger Award” was given to the Chief guest for her courageous activities. Rev. Sr. Anaethesia, Jeevan Jothi Hospice, Lakshmipuram and Rev. Sr. Veronica, Anpillam, Vadaputhupatti, were honoured with “Women achiever award” for their service to humanity. “Annaiyar Award- 2022” was awarded to 12 student’s mothers representing the 12 departments of our College.
  • The programme came to an end with cultural performances from the students.
  • The Women Cell of JAC organized a guest lecture on 28th August, 2023 for all the final year UG and PG students. Dr. B.Geetha, Assistant Professor of Sociology, School of Social Sciences. Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai addressed the students on “Gender Sensitization”.
  • The Women Cell organized a motivational talk on 14th September, 2023. Mrs, Priya Senthil, Founder & Director S2S Personality Development Academy Private Limited, Founder and Director of RP foundation, and the Executive Member of Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal was the resource person.


  • The women cell had the joyous achievement of getting its Manuscript entitled: ‘Azhihal(miyfs);’ released by former Principal of our college on 27th March 1989.

  • Three of our students won the cash awards of Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 500/- respectively in the Essay Competition on “ Prevention of Female Foeticide”, conducted by Public Health Department, Periyakulam.

  • ‘Ladies Junction’ programme telecasted by RAJ TV. On 14.09.2005.

  • The women’s cell conducted various competition and students were won the prizes.