Department of Business Administration


               The UG Department of Business Administration was established in the year 2003 with broad vision of “Create employment for herself as well as for others”. The department has been contributing to the business community and the society through activities such as National seminar, guest lecture, inter collegiate which are organized by the department frequently. The main aim of the department is to enrich the knowledge to create and equip managerial skills, leadership skills, communication skills, commitment to the true administrative and financial skill, thus creating successful entrepreneurs and corporate heads tomorrow.

            Our department import management knowledge by continuous up-dation of syllabi and interaction with corporate for enhancing employability among rural women students. The program is supported with effort from a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members. The quality of management programs is enhanced with good infrastructure and other amenities like well-equipped library and computer lab. Industrial oriented curriculum and field visits contributed to the budding managers.

            Students have both theory and practical’s along with vocational guidance on how to start a small-scale industry and become an entrepreneur. This program is designed to develop energetic managers and passionate entrepreneurs to cater to the needs of the industries in the modern global business.


  • To create employment for themselves as well as for others.


  • To enhance aptitude and competence among students in management practices.
  • To impart business knowledge, promote team work, facilitate career opportunities



Year Established


Teaching Staff – Un-Aided Programme


Seminars/Workshop organized by the Department:

Name of the seminar/ Conference/Workshop Date Agency Level
Emerging Paradigms in Modern Management 15.07.2011 Management National
Busi Fest’12 29.02.2012         – Department
College Bazaar – 2012 24th -26th July 2012 Self Help Group District
Entrepreneurial thinking 16.12.2014 Management State
Trade Show 07.10.2014      – College
Academic Expo’14 6th & 7th January 2014 Management College
Trade Show 24.07.2015      – College
College Bazaar-2014 04.09.2014      – College
College Bazaar-2015 13.10.2015     – College
International certification and career guidance 09.12.2015         – Awareness Programe
“Changing Scenario of Global Business Management 16.12.2015 Management National
Business Expo’16 29.02.2015        – College
Busi Fest’16 22.02.2015        – College
College Bazaar-2016 20.09.2016         – College
Contemporary Development in Business 06.01.2017 Management National
Busi Fest’17 09.03.2017         – College
College Bazaar




Management & Self Help Group, Theni State
Entreperneur skills 26.09.2017 Management Guest Lecture
Business Process Management 12.12.2017 Management International
Busi Fest’18 20.03.2018 College
College Bazaar 04.10.2018 Management College
Vigilance 22.10.2018 Management Guest Lecture
Green Business 11.01.2019 Management National
 Busi Fest’19 29.02.2019 College
Industrial Visit 11.07.2019 Management Regional
Guest lecture on “Nutrition & Food Science 02.08.2019 Management International
National Seminar on “Entrepreneurship and Regional Development” 12.09.2019 RSETI National
“VIRID’19” World Green Consumer Day 27.09.2019 Management Regional
College Bazaar 22.10.2019 Management Department level
Guest lecture on “Franchising Vs. Opening your own business 10.12.2019 Management Regional
Guest Lecture on “ TANCET” 13.01.2020 Management Regional
Busi  Fest’20 11.02.2020 Management College
Management Development Programme  on  “Guerrilla Marketing” e-quiz

26-05-2020 &


Management National
National Webinar on “Supply Chain Management in the  Post Covid world ” 06-06-2020 Management National
National online quiz on “Guerilla Marketing.” 26th & 27th May 2020 Management National
Webinar on “Supply Chain Management.” 6th June 2020 Management National
Busi Fest’20 12th March 2021 Management Department Level
Golden Jubilee International Webinar on “Business Capability to create Social Innovation.” 17th March 2021 Management International
International webinar on “Digital Transformation How Can I Be a Part of it.” 14th August 2021 Management International
Entrepreneurship Development Programe “WED 25th August 2021 Management Department level
Virtual Industrial Visit to “Unibic, Bengaluru & Plumber Riyachemy, Bengaluru. 23rd September 2021 Management State Level
Entrelreneur cell sale 7th October 2021 Management College
World standards Day 13th Oct 2021 Management Regional Level
Hands on Training On “How to make Eco-Friendly Rangoli Powder” 22nd Dec 2021 Management Department Level
Virtual Demo Class on Preparation of Mint Juice 5th Feb 2022 Management Department Level
National Leadership Day 15th Feb 2022 Management Department Level
Financial Literacy Week 14th – 18th Feb 2022 National Centre for financial Education (NCFE National Level
International Employees Appreciation Day 3rd March 2022 Management Regional Level
Busi-Fest 4th April 2022 Management Department Level
Demo class on “How to make Rosemilk” 12th April 2022 Management Department Level
Industrial Visit to Incubation Centre (Sakthi Trust),Ayyambalayam. 25th August ,2022 Management Department Level
International webinar on “Business Trends in 2022” 30th Sep 2022 Management International Level
Diwali Mega Sale “Colour Kolam Powder” 17th & 18th Oct 2022 Management Department Level
Pongal Mega Sale “Colour Kolam Powder” 9th to 12th Jan 2023 Management Under MOU with Holy Cross College (Autonomous) Trichy
National Start up Day 10th Jan 2023 Management Collaboration with IIC
Constitution day 31st Jan 2023 Management Department Level
Business EXPO’23 28th Feb 2023 Management National Level
Women’s day 8’th March 2023 Management College Level
BUSI-FEST’23’ 24th March 2023 Management Department Level
Outreach Program at Govt.Higher Secondary School, Lakshmipuram, Theni in Collaboration with IIC 28th July 2023 Management Regional
Start Up – Colour Kolam Powder Sale in Connection with Independence Day 10th August 2023 Management College Level
National Small Scale Industries Day 30th August 2023 Management National
Guest Lecture on “Time Management – Habit of Successful Women” 7th September 2023 Management Regional
Industrial Visit to Amrith Sree Ice cream Company & Jeyam Sea Food Processing Unit , Rameshwaram 26th September ,2023 Management Regional
World Standards Day 14th October , 2023 Management International
College Bazaar 18th October, 2023 Management Regional
Colour Kolam Powder Mega Sale in Connection with Vijayadhasami & Diwali 19th & 20th October Management Regional
Alumni Meet 1st & 2nd December, 2023 Management Regional
BOS Meeting 8th January, 2024 Management Regional
International Webinar on “Trends in Business 2023” 11th January, 2024 Management International
Pongal Colour Kolam Powder Mega Sale 12th & 13th January,2024 Management Regional
Pongal Celebration 13th January , 2024 Management Regional
Central Excise duty Day 23rd February ,2024 Management Regional
Employee Appreciation Day 3rd March, 2024 Management Regional
Equal Pay Day 22nd March, 2024 Management Regional


 Projects: MBA Project

Research Advisors: Mrs.V.Anitha

Book Publications:

  • Book Publications: Consumer Education in Pandiyanadu Cultural Foundation, Madurai. First Edition :October 2021,ISBN:978:93-92560-05-7
  • Published book entitled “Corporate Law” ISBN: 978-81-958963-1-8 in AN Publications (Registered under MSME , Government of India.)
  • Received patent for the title of Invention: “A framework for identification of fake products using secure Bit-Coin Transaction integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) Techniques.” Application Number 202241061208A  –  Issue No:44/2022.
  • Received patent for the title of Invention: “Facial Expression Analysis Systems for Predicting the stress imposed on Employees of an organization through image recognition techniques.” Application Number 202241060869  – Issue No: 44/2022.
  • Published Book entitled “Legal Systems in Business” ISBN :978-81-963860-6-1 in AN Publications registered under Government of India MSME on 5th July 2023.
  • Published Paper in JACJOSHAM on “Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees Satisfaction in Dindigul District Central Cooperative Bank” Vol.10,No.2 , June 2023 ISSN :2347-9868 Pg: 80 – 90.
  • Published paper on “SWOT Analysis of the New normal in Higher Education due to Covid – 19 – Student Perspective in Dindigul and Theni District” in South India Journal of Social Sciences : ISSN : 0972-8945 Vol.XXI , No.31 , January – June 2023 , UGC Care approved, Group – I , Bi- Annual Journal.
  • Published Book Chapter in Digital Practice in Business World on “Marketing and Social Media: An Evolving Symbiosis”. ISBN : 978-93 – 92649 – 83 -7 – Chapter -38.


  •  Awards and recognition Received by the Faculty :

                       Resource Person, Appointed as a  external examiner & Question paper setter.

  • Confers Honorary Doctorate Award “Doctor of Letters – D.Litt. (Honoris Causa) in the public life in promoting education for establishing a just and equitable society. Recommended by Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Teacher’s Welfare Association, India, Given under the seal of University of Central America. No:RJ2243512B.
  • Mrs.V.Anitha received State Level Award “Sevai Chemmal Virudhu – 2022” on 26th January 2022 by Kaviarasar Kalaitamil Sangam,Vellore,Namakkal.
  • Dr.J.Jasmine Selvapackiam received “Azadi Ka Amrit Modern Freedom Fighters Excellence Award 2022” on August 2022.Certificate UID:NIF-TIP/FEA/2022/161
  • Mrs.J.Jasmine Selvapackiam Received Patent for: Title of The Invention: “ A Framework for Identification of Fake products using secure Bit-coin transaction integrated with Internet of Things (IOT) Techniques. On 4th November 2022 Application No: 202241061208A, Issue No: 44/2022 The Patent Office Journal No:44/2022
  • Dr.P.Malarvizhi Received patent for : “ Facial Expressions Analysis System for predicting the Stress imposed on employees of an Organization through image recognition Techniques” On 4th November 2022 Application No: 202241060869, Issue No: 44/2022 The Patent Office Journal No:44/2022
  • Mrs.V.Anitha & Dr.T.Balapandeeswari Received Patent on 9th December 2022 Title of the invention “Arificial Intelligence based approach to predict the Statistical impact of influencers for expanding expanding Client base through influencers Marketing Tactics” , Applivation No:202211067245.
  • Dr.Mrs.P.Malarvizhi, Published Article in South India Journal of Social Sciences ISSN:0972-8945, Vol.XXI, No.12, January -June: 2023, UGC Care Approved, Group I, Bi Annual Journal. Topic : “SWOT Analysis of the New Normal in Higher Education Due to Covid-19 Staff Perspective in Dindigul & Theni District “ Page No:89-95
  • Dr.T.Balapandeeswari Received Patent on 9th December 2022 Title of the invention “Implementation of six Sigma methodologies to automate and ease the process of recruitment by human resource development”, Application No: 202241066587A.
  • A.Sahaya Berlin Sujana have received “Thesathin Chandrayan Maamani Virudhugal 2023” on 5th October 2023 issued by Pasumai Vasal Foundation, Chinnalapatti, Dindigul District.
  • J.Jasmine Selvapackiam, Mrs. V.Anitha, Sr.A.Sahaya Berlin Sujana received “Pasumai Semmal Virudhu” on  16th Nov 2023 issued by Pasumai Vasal Foundation, Chinnalapatti, Dindigul District.
  • A.Sahaya Berlin Sujana have received “Best Social Activist Award 2023” in recognition of her exemplary endeavour and accomplishment in being an admirable Teacher organized by Tamil Thai foundation – Central Government Registration No : UDYAM – TN-01-0013285.
  • J.Jasmine Selvapackiam, Mrs. V.Anitha, Dr.P.Malarvizhi received “Best Coordinator Award” for participated in the Largest Event World Record Bharatanatyam Dance conducted by Cumbum Sathguru Sangeetha Natya Vidhyalaya on 7th January 2024.recognized by government of Tamilnadu.Register no : 84/2022

Awards and recognition Received by the students :

Name of the Student Award  Organization/Agency Year
1. N.Shabnam

2. R.Sumithra

Paper Presentation –

II Prize

Nadar Saraswathi College,


1. M.Rewathi

2. K.Kavitha

3. K.Bharathi Priya

4. M.Anitha

5 . M.Sasiprabha

Ad-Act – II Prize NMSSV College for  Women,


1. R.Anandhi

2. E.Kanipriya

3. T.S.Rhythanya

4. G.Muthulakshmi

5. S.Kavitha

Group Dance – I Prize Bharathi Tamil Illakiya Peravai, Cumbum 2012-13
1. P.Rohini Cash Award for Know you Economy Test 2013 Scientific Research Association for Economics and Finance, Chennai 2012-2013
1.Ms.S.Sabina Banu


3.B.Rajalaakshmi &


Cleared PA/SA Exam

III Prize 100metre Dash

III Prize (Quiz Competition)

Post Office PA SBCO

Intramural Games, Theni(D.T)

Mary Matha College

1.R.Saradha Devi & M.Soundarya I Prize (Floor Art) K.P.National College Batalagundu 2015-16
1. R.Sushma III Prize – Finding Adultration of Packed


Civil Supply Office , Theni 2015-16
1. E.Rohini

2. M. Parkavi

II Prize – Business Quiz Mary Matha College of arts and science, Periyakulam 2015-16
1. N.Ihsana Fathima & M.Gayathri II Prize – Dumb Charade Bharath Nikethan Engineering College, Aundipatty 2015-16
1. M.Arunadevi

2. S.Ranjitha

3. M.Santhiya

II Prize – Dubsh Mash Bharath Nikethan Engineering College, Aundipatty 2016-17
1. M.Kayalvizhi II Prize – Ramp Walk Vijay Institute of Management 2016-17
1. K. Malashri

2. O.Meena

III Prize – Fireless Cooking Vijay Institute of Management 2016-17





III Prize – Group Dance Mary Matha College of arts and science, Periyakulam 2017-18





III Prize – Product Launch Mary Matha College of arts and science, Periyakulam 2017-18



I Prize – Dubs Mash Bharath Nikethan Engineering College, Aundipatty


1.S.Reshma I Prize – Paper Presentation Mangayerkarasi College of

Arts and science for women, Madurai.







II Prize –Group dance Mangayerkarasi College of

Arts and science for women, Madurai.

1.S.Yamini II Prize – Foot loose Bharath Nikethan Engineering College, Aundipatty 2018-19
1.S.Reshma I Prize – Best Manager Vijay Institute of Management 2018-19




III Prize – Dance in theme Vijay Institute of Management 2018-19


I Prize – Rangoli Vijay Institute of Management 2018-19


II Prize – Best make over Vijay Institute of Management 2018-19
B. Sneha – II BBA Best Manager

1st Prize

Inter collegiate Meet at Mary Matha college, Periyakulam 2019-20
1. S. Reshma  – III BBA

2. S. Yamini – III BBA

3. I. Anbunancy – III BBA

4. P. Kanimozhi – III BBA


3rd  Prize

Dance in theme


Inter collegiate Meet at Vijay Institute of management, Dindigul 2019-20
1. S. Reshma – III BBA 1st  Prize Paper Presentation Inter collegiate Meet at Vijay Institute of management, Dindigul 2019-20
1.S. Reshma – III BBA 1st Prize

Ramp walk


Inter collegiate Meet at Vijay Institute of management, Dindigul 2019-20
S. Sthuthi Reena

M. Kalaivani

S. Yuvarani

N. Pavithra

M. Sudharshana


Mime Show- I Prize Intercollegiate Meet Mary Matha College,


V. Gopika

D. Gurulakshmi

R. Sakthi Priya

C. Kavya

AD-Act – III Prize Inter Collegiate Meet BNEC FEST-2023 Aundipatty 2022-2023
  1. Nivetha
  2. M.Dibeka
  3. S.Yashni
  4. S.Rahini


Corporate walk – II Prize Bharath Niketan Engineering College, Aundipatti 2022 -2023
  1. V.Nisha
  2. T.Afrose Sulthana
Flameless Cooking – II Prize Bharath Niketan Engineering College, Aundipatti 2022 -2023

B.Timple Agalya Devi

Business Quiz IIIPrize Bharath Niketan Engineering College, Aundipatti 2022 -2023
G.Rahila Banu Photography – III Prize Bharath Niketan Engineering College, Aundipatti 2022 -2023


Photography – III Prize Bharath Niketan Engineering College, Aundipatti 2022 -2023


G.Ramya Devi









National Seminar on “Indian Accounting Standards and Techniques “through virtual mode VHNSN College, Virudhunagar 2023 -2024


Stephila Shebi

Jeya Shree

M. Karshika Devi

National Seminar on “Indian Accounting Standards and Techniques “through virtual mode VHNSN College, Virudhunagar 2023 -2024


Stephila Shebi

Jeya Shree

M. Karshika Devi

Mime Show – II Prize Inter Collegiate Meet “COM – FETE 2024” organized by St.Antony’s College of Arts and Science for Women, Dindigul. 2023 -2024
M.Rakshana – I BBA

R.Eswari – I BBA

Quiz – I Prize Inter Collegiate Meet “COM – FETE 2024” organized by St.Antony’s College of Arts and Science for Women, Dindigul. 2023 -2024
M.Rakshana – I BBA

R.Muthuselvi – II BBA

Rangoli – II Prize Inter Collegiate Meet “COM – FETE 2024” organized by St.Antony’s College of Arts and Science for Women, Dindigul. 2023 -2024



“Best Social Activist Award 2023” Tamil Thaai Foundation , Central Government,reg.No : UDYAM – TN-01-0013285 2023 -2024
E.Abinaya – III BBA

D.Afrin Fathima – III BBA

M.Dibeka – III BBA

K.Durga – III BBA

E.Jeyasri – III BBA

B.Durka Devi – III BBA

T.Nithya- III BBA

S.Yashni – III BBA

“Pasumai Semmal Virudhu” Pasumai Vasal Foundation, Chinnalapatti, Dindigul District. 2023 -2024

2.M. Annapoorani

3.P. Anitha

4.M. Sindhuja

5.S. Bharathi

6.E. Priyadharshini

7.T. Kamatchi

8.P. Reshma

9.E. Jayasree

10.V. Gopika

11.P. Timple Agalya Devi

12.M. Swetha

13.M. Karshika Devi

14.A. Ezhilmathi

15.R. Sivarubiya

16.S. Sharmila

17.R. Nanthini

18.V. Nisha

19.A. Karthika

20.R. Nivetha

21.R. Muthuselvi

22.P. Logeshwari

“Natya Venmathi Award” Largest Event World Record Bharatanatyam Dance conducted by Cumbum Sathguru Sangeetha Natya Vidhyalaya recognized by government of Tamilnadu.Register no : 84/2022 2023 -2024




Sri Krishna Plastic Industries,

Bodi Road, Mariyamman Kovilpatti, Theni.


2023 – 2024





Annai CNC Company, B.K.Patti , Allinagaram , Theni.
PSR Rice Mill, Usilampatti.
Paal dairy Foods, 136, Sadayal Scheme road, Bunglowmedu , Theni- 625531.
Aavin Milk Company,

Govindhapuram , Dindigul

Nivaa Ice Cream,

Paal Dairy Foods,Sadaiyal Thitta Salai,

Bungalow Medu, Theni-625531.


2022 – 2023





Kms Confectioneries Private Limited, Survey No. 4/4B, 5/2A2, 10/3A,

Nagari Solavandhan Road, Thiruvalavayanallur Village, Vadipatti, Taluk, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625221

Sri Thiruvettai Ayyanar Spinners Private Limited, Regd.Office & Mills: Plot No. B-5, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Kappalur, Madurai-625008
Mass Aqua Farms,

S.no.642/1B W1,

Manjakkulam,Angoorpalayam Village, Cumbum
Block,Uthamapalayam (Tk),Theni District-625518.

Nivaa Ice Cream,

Paal Dairy Foods,

Sadaiyal Thitta Salai,

Bungalow Medu, Theni-625531.

Sun Paper Limited,

P.B.No. 2,

Tirunelveli District,



Dodla Dairy Limited,

Milk & Milk Products,

SF.No.481/7A,7D,484/1A,1B,1C, Kunnuvamkottai Village,
Nilakottai Taluk,

Dindigul District.

Sreyeas creations,

48C,K.V.P. Lay-out,


Tirupur – 641604

Prajaa Kamayam Sivasakthi Food Produts (P)Ltd.,
424/3,Suruli Falls Road,
Cumbam Valley,
Theni Distrtict – 625521.
L.S.Mills Limited, No.16, Cumbum Main road,

Muthuthevanpatti, Theni-625534.


Madurai road


2020-2021 (till date)
Kuppudass Iron Works

Agriculture tools Manufacturer Company

Usilampatti Road, Batlagundu.

Nivva Ice creams

Manufactured By paal dairy foods

Sadaiyal thitta salai,

Bungalow medu,


Sunshine International Agritech

Mariyaponnusami Mill Compound,

Annanji Vilakku,

Unjampatti, Theni Distirict-625531

Visalatchi Spinners





S. S. Subramanian,

Export quality Neem Oil, &

Neem Cake Manufactures



Aavin Milk,

Sivagangai Main Road, Sathamangalam, Madurai

Sri Nagaa Poly Sacks, Kappalur,


Sri Krishna Plastic Industries,

Mariammankovilpatti, Theni-625547

Monarch Industrial Products(I)Pvt.,Ltd.,

SIDCO Industrial Estate, Theni.


Kamayam Sivasakthi food Products  Pvt.Ltd.,

K.K Patti, Cumbum

Menaga Mills Private Limited,



R.G. Agency,


Rana Engineering works,

K-I unit SIDCO Industrial Estate, Theni-625531.

V.S. Thangam Soap,


Siva Sakthi Foods,

Murugabhavanam, Dindigul.

Venkataswaran cotton ,Thirpparankundram,


. Shree Siva Balaaji Steels Private Limited,Dindigul
Balaji Paper Products,


Eastern cordiments Private limited,145/2 mariyamman kovil patti,Kodangipatti,Theni(Dt)-625 534 2018 – 2019
A.R.Dairy food Private limited,10/5c, Madurai road begampur post , Dindigul. 624002,Phone:9489070529
Menaka Mills. Private limited,Varatharaj nagar ,TheniPhone: 9443195620.
Anna Spinning mill, Private limited.Kannavilaku,Theni .
R.G.AgencyBoothipuram road,Theni.Phone:04546-265365
Floral Aromatics,Kombukaran patty village,Nillakottai, Dindigual (Dt) 624208Phone:9361433517
V.S.Thangam soapKamaraj salai,Madurai
Prajaa food products.Private.LimitedCumbumPhone:9585525013
S.S.SubramaniyaniOil&Oli Cake merchant366,Nehruji road,Theni.Phone: 9842172511
Indian tropical agro products (p)ltd, no.3/8,By –pass road ,Madathur,Tuticorn
Mullai Cashew,53A/W,VIII,Vellimalai road ,Kamankallur ,kombaithozhu(po),Aundipatti ,Theni-625 579
Balasanka, Sanka Dall Mills#30, SIDCO Shed, Industrial Estate, Theni-625531Phone:04546-252824, 252277, 255877 2017 – 2018
Sri Sendagham Products5 A, Sidco Industrial Estate,Post Box No:18, Theni- 625531Phone:04546-25007, 9443370907
A.R. Dairy Food Private Ltd,#10/5 C, Madurai Road,Begampur post, Dindigul- 624002,Phone:0451 2449010, 2449006
Anil, Top Marketing CompanyA-11/1,LGB Compound, 3rd st ,Mengles Road DindigulPhone:0451-2431969
V.V.S. Cashew,W-2-1A,Ottanai Main Road, Singarajapuram, Varusanadu-625579 Theni District
Rajshree Sugars &Chemials LimitedUnit-I, Varadaraj Nagar,Periyakulam Taluk,Theni District- 625562Phone:4546 237250
Swathi SealsNo.8,Sidco Industrial Estate,Theni-625531Phone: 04546-253100
S.S. Subramanian,Oil & Oil Cake Manufactures,366, nehruji Road,Theni-625531Phone:9842172511
V. S.Chellam,Soap& Detergent Factory136-E,Kamarajar Salai,Madurai -625009Phone: 0452-2311023
Yazhini Rubbers,No:WI/287/I, Cosmos Club Road, Rathinam Nagar,Theni,04546-253527
Floral Aromatics,Kombukaranpatti Village, Nilakottai- 624208Phone:9361433517
Yummy food Factory,18.8.1.Mother Therasa street, Gandhi nagar, BatlagunduDindigul District- -624202
Prajaa,Kamayam Sivasakthi food Products(P) Ltd424/3, Suruli Falls Road,, N.T.Patti, Cumbu m Valley, Theni District-625521
M. M.  Synthetics Theni VijayLakshmi Textiles, Rajapalayam 2016 – 2017
Chellam Soap Company,Madurai
S.M. Packagings,Rathanam Nagar, Theni
Menaka Mill Pvt Ltd.,
Monarch Industrial products Pvt Ltd
Yummy (food)Dindigul
Sakthi Hatcheries(feed division)Dindigul
Penguin Apparels(P) LtdMadurai
Ways Open Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
Jei Dev Cashwes Nuts Company135-B Noor Kuuty StreetVarusandu(Post),Theni  DistrictE-Mail :Jei Dev@ Gmail.ComPin 625579 2015 – 2016
Chelllam Washing Soap136-E Kamarajar SalaiMadurai-625009
Snp Dairy  Milk3/158,N H -7,National High Way, Ayyankottai,Vadipatti (Tk), Madurai-625221E-Mail :Snp.Dairymilk@Gmail.Com
Sri Krishna Plastic IndustriesOpp.Rmtc Colony ,Bodi Road,Mariamman Kovilpatti,Theni-625547E.Mail:Krishnapipes @Yahoo.Com
Sundram Industries Private LimitedRubber Factory:Post Box No:6,Usilampatti Road, Kochadai,Madurai-625016
The Madurai District Co-OperativeMilk Producers’ Union LimitedMadurai
S.S.Subramanian  Export Quality Neemoil & Neemcake Manufactures366,Nehruji Road, Theni District-625531
New Fresh.Munnalikottaidindigul 2014 – 2015
A.R.Dairy Food Private Limited CompanyDindigul
Guru Krishna Textile MillsTheni
Sree Sakthi Trading CompanyCoimbatore
Vvr Industrial LinksVirudhunagar
PrajaaKamayam Sivssakthi Food Product(P)Ltd. N.T.PattiCumbam
Sree Shenbagam SpintexTheni
Snp Dairy MilkVadipatti TalukMadurai
Jaidev Cashew CompanyVarusanadu
Roots Industries India Ltd Coimbatore
Tata Coffee Limited JayamangalamPeriyakulam
Shri Vignesh Coconut Powder’s Pvt.Ltd.Madurai
Sri Vijaya Lakshmi TextilesChatrapattiRajapalayam
Monarch Industrial Product’s (1) Pvt.LtdTheni





Contact Number


1. M.Ambika 9092822185 Computer Operator ,ATK,Mill
2.  V.Bommuthai 9688784761 Computer Operator,Best Corporation ltd
3. R.kanipriya 9944024054 Teacher ,Rishi Kids Park
4. R.Keerthana 8124998688 Traine client coordination of FEDY Tec.Pvt.Ltd
5. M.Muthumari 9942430755 Accountant ,Sri Pandian Textile Mill
6. M.Muthupriya 9965392860 Sales Manager ,Hero Showroom,Virdhunagar.
7.  M.Pavithra 7708924482 OfficeAssitant,T.M.H.N.U,Theni
8. B.Rajalakshmi 9894310052  Accountant,Solamalai  Automobiles , Madurai.
9. N.Rajashree 9843084687 Supervisor,SSM.Fine Yarns Pvt.Ltd
10. M.Revathi 9842132505 All India Radio ,Madurai
11. V.Vijaya 9150432258 Supervisior ,HeroHonda Showroom,Cumbum




Contact number


Higher Studies

1. A.Aneta 8778426851                  _ MBA,St.Xavier College Palayamkottai.
2. S.Angala Eswari 8015552422 IQAC Assistant,N.S College ,Theni
3. N.Devi 9952679825 Clerk,ICICI Bank ,Theni
4. V.Pavithra 9751613790 _ MBA
5. R.Ramya 9751613790
6.  G.Ranijitha 9894154951 Finbud Financial Service Pvt.ltd MBA
7. Sahaya Berlin Sujana 9442620577 _ MBA,St.Xavier College Palayamkottai
8. B.Saranya Devi 8974563223  Tele Caller,Sri Ramana Textile,Theni.
9. M.Sowmini 9965181900 Telecaller, Sri Ramana Textile ,Theni              _
10. V.Subashini 9787311460 Finbud Financial service.Pvt.Ltd.
11. M.Sukanya 8973699557 MBA
12.  S.Susmitha 9566503002 Telecaller, Tata Motors,Rathnam  Nagar.             _




Contact Number


1. V.Dviya 9788149494 Tata Consultancy Sevice
2. M.Parkavi 8012064651 Tata Consultancy Sevice
3. E.Rajeswari 9786062079 Finebud ,Financial Service ,Pvt,ltd.
4. Thangamalar 9790280011 Hero Honda Showroom,Theni.



Name Phone No


1. S.Ranjitha                     9159989920 Sales girl, Vasanth&co Theni.

2019 – 2020

S. No

Name Contact Number


1.  N. Divya 9042251716 Data entry operator

Mahendra first choice car service company


2. P.  kowsalya 7094517080 Supervisor,

Naveer supermarket,


3. J. Hema 8098037855 System operator,

Browsing center,


4. R. Janani 883830410 Teacher ,Pachaiyappa Memorial Nursery and primary school, Uppukottai, Theni
5. S. Manimala 9360845112 Sales Executive,

Sales& marketing Division

Akila Jewellery,


6. G. Nandhini 9789768858 Quality control staff –CBC Commission, Tirupur
7. V. Priya 9361626748 Admin staff



8. M. Rajathi 6382129704 Supervisor, G Life care,


9. M. Ramya kamalam 6369252498 Supervisor, G Life care,


10. N. Vinitha 9751262297 Cashier-Adhi Sakthi finance,


2020 – 2021

S. No Name Contact Number Job
1. A.Bhuvaneshwari 8438991552 Data entry operator

Maneha Mills Private Limited, K.Vallaku,Andipatty.

2. B.Kalpana 6374805953 Pursuing MBA Sowrashtra College, Theni
3. R.Koshika 9360584400 Pursuing MBA in M.K.University, Madurai.
4. M.Sornalakshmi 8220622948 Pursuing MBA in M.T.University, Kodaikanal.
5. S.Vigneshwari 9488575581 Accountant, Amirtha Trader, Theni.

2021 – 2022

S. No Name Contact Number Job
1. S.Sandya 7603851079 Pursuing MBA in Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts and Science, Theni.
2. K.Sharmila 9361868939 Pursuing MBA in Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts and Science, Theni.
3. M.Prabha 9025741983 Pursuing MBA in RVS College, Dindigul.

2022 – 2023

S.No Name Contact no Job/ Higher Studies
1. D.Rathani 9345160826 Pursuing MBA – IT , Avinashi Lingam Institute of home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore
2. C.Rose Merlin Princy 9344799692 Pursuing MBA- HR , Nehru Maha Vidhyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.
3. S.Rahini 9843689019 Pursuing MBA- HR , Nehru Maha Vidhyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
4 G.Rahila Banu 8056536052 Diploma Course in Computer Centre, Madural.



Contact Number. 04546231482- 209
Email bba@annejac.ac.in  

PTA Meet for Freshers

Teachers Day Celebration photos

Department of Business Administartion Organizes a Entrepreneurship Development programme WED Celebration-25th August.2021
Startup Programme
Startup Programme
World Standards Day
Alumnae Meeting Department of Business Administration-25.11.2021
Startup Programme-Photos
 Parents Teachers Association Meeting for Freshers – 2022-2023
The Department of Business Administration celebrated Freshers’ Welcome on 17th August 2022. 
Department of Business Administration organized Industrial visit to Sakthi Trust , Ayyampalayam on 25th August 2022. 
The Department of Business Administration celebrated Teachers Day on 5th September 2022 


Bulletin Board

Inception : 2003
Courses Offered : UG
No. of Faculty members :  4
No. of Students : UG: 65
Paper Publications : International: 14



Impact Factor: 0.654-6.3

Quality Factor: 1:30

Paper Presentations : International:17



Conference / Workshop Attended : International:425



Conference / Workshop Organized : International:5


State Level:-1