The Central Library was established in

 1971. It functions from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to facilitate its optimal uses. It serves as the heart of the institution providing information and knowledge through diversified learning resources like Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Project Reports, Dissertations, Thesis, Non-book materials, Audio Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, online- resources, Internet, INFLIBNET NLIST- e journals and e-books. The library helps to update and widen the subject and general knowledge of the students, research scholars, staff and also Government officials, alumnae, industrialists and other officials who get permission from the Principal. The library is housed in a spacious building with proper lighting and ventilation and provides a calm and congenial atmosphere for concentrated reading and reference.

       The library books are computerized and bar-coded. To monitor the day-to-day activity of the library, surveillance video cameras are fitted in the library. To provide job opportunities in the field of library science and  to learn the services and arrangements of reading materials in the libraries, a Certificate Course in Library and Information Science is conducted for the betterment of the students. All the functions of the library are managed by a librarian and 10 assistant staff.

Vision & Mission

‘Read to Lead’ is the motto of the JAC Central Library. To fulfill the motto, the Library works with the following 7 objectives.

  • Acquiring reading material to update subject knowledge
  • Furnishing day-today information
  • Rendering career information to seek employment
  • Equipping with knowledge to clear competitive examination
  • Disseminating information to improve communication skills
  • Endowing resources to develop interpersonal relationship
  • Facilitating the widening of general knowledge


Dr. Sr. R. Fatima Mary Sylvia M.Sc., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

E-Mail    : srsylvialib@annejac.ac.in


Tel          : 04546 – 231482 

Mobile    : 8903583311


  • In the beginning of the academic year, orientation is given to the new comers.
  • As and when new services are introduced, orientation is given to all the members.
  • Open access system is followed to give free access to the readers.
  • Current events and educational & employment opportunities are displayed on the notice board.
  • To speed up all the services Central Library is computerized with NIRMALS software and books are bar-coded.
  • New arrivals are periodically displayed.
  • Library Association conducts seminars/conferences and many competitions to kindle reading habits.
  • Library Advisory Committee provides guidance for the betterment and modernized services and facilities.
  • Online reference facilities are given to all the readers.
  • Theses & Dissertation of Staff & Students are also available for reference.
  • Library serves the outsiders also, with the permission from the Principal.
  • Certificate Course in Library and Information Science is being conducted since 2008.
  • Readers can make use of the CD players to access the information through CDs.
  • Economically weaker students can avail Book Bank facilities.


The following facilities are provided in the library.

  • Research cubicles
  • INFLIBNET NLIST – e journals and e books
  • E – Content for Certificate Course in Library and Information Science
  • Videos on Book Review
  • Book bank
  • Question bank
  • References on the text books, reference books, journals / magazines and project reports/ dissertations/thesis
  • Non-Book Materials and Online Reference – Audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs, browsing through internet
  • Reprography
  • Rest room

Library Users

     All the students and staff of the College are members of the library. Each U.G. student is issued with two library cards, P.G. student with three library cards, M.Phil. student with four library cards and research scholar with five library cards to borrow books. Reference books, journals and periodicals are issued to the teachers. Staff can have maximum of 50 books from the library for their references. Staff are bound to return all the books at the end of the academic year. Besides the students and the staff of this college, government officials, alumnae and employees of institutions run by the sisters of St. Anne of Tiruchirappalli are allowed to refer and borrow books from the library with special permission from the Principal.

Rules and Regulations

  • To facilitate the atmosphere for reading, readers should do their reference works silently
  • Students have to return the books between 12:15 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. and borrow the books between 3:00 p.m and 5:00 p.m. on all working days.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to either underline or mark on the library books. Folding the corners of pages is not allowed.
  • Readers are advised to examine the condition of the book even at the time of borrowing. If there is any damage, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian. Otherwise, the borrower will be held responsible for the damage.
  • All the students must return their library cards to the library staff at the end of their programme. A student who discontinues her studies in the programme of the year should surrender her library cards and get a ‘no due chit’ from the librarian.

Library Association

     The Library Association promotes reading habit among the students by conducting various competitions and giving certificates to the winners. National Conferences, State Level Seminars and special lectures are also arranged for the students and staff to update their knowledge about the modern technology-based information services. Maximum use of the available reading materials is encouraged through programmes like ‘Book Review’ and ‘Journal Review’.

                                           Special Events

Date Name of the Activities
05.03.2010 & 06.03.2010 Two days National Conference on ‘Digital Vision – 2020’
09.08.2010 & 10.08.2010 Book Exhibition by book sellers in the college auditorium
21.09.2010 to 23.09.2010 Display of New Arrivals within the library premises
16.11.2012 One day programme for school children on ‘Reading Habit’
07.03.2013 State Level Workshop on ‘Preservation and Conservation of Reading Materials’
08.09.2014 to 12.09.2014 Display of New Arrivals within the library premises
10.10.2014 & 11.10.2014 Book Exhibition by book sellers in the college auditorium
09.08.2016 to 11.08.2016 Display of New Arrivals within the library premises
05.10.2016 & 06.10.2016 Book Exhibition by book sellers in the college auditorium
27.01.2016 & 28.01.2016 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Ranking the Research Publications’
10.09.2018 & 11.09.2018 Book Exhibition by book sellers in the college auditorium
31.07.2017 to 02.08.2017 Display of New Arrivals within the library premises
04.10.2017 to 06.10.2017 Motivational Talk on ‘Reading Habit’ and Book Exhibition by book sellers in the college auditorium
16.01.2018 State Level Intercollegiate meet on ‘Enlightening the Young Minds’
16.08.2018 & 17.08.2018 Display of New Arrivals within the library premises
10.09.2018 & 11.09.2018 Ø  A talk on ‘ A good book is a good friend’

Ø  Debate on ‘Books develop Personality or Knowledge

Ø  Book Exhibition by Book Sellers in the college auditorium

16.02.2019 Intercollegiate Quiz Contest
16.09.2019 & 17.09.2019 Book Exhibition by book sellers in the college auditorium
06.02.2020 Talk on ‘Developing Pleasing Personality through Reading Habit’
07.02.2020 Kindling Reading Habit through ‘Book Review’
10.02.2020 Awareness Talk on ‘Using E-Resources for Research’
11.02.2020 Quiz and Debate – Competition.
03.06.2020 Webinar on ‘Triage Crisis & Universal Remedy – Covid 19, A Perspective’
01.06.2020 & 02.06.2020 WEBINAR on ‘Free Statistical Tool for Research Data Analysis and Research Publication with Special Reference to Citation, Impact Factor and h Index’
16.03.2021 E-Quiz on General Knowledge
18.3.2021 Webinar on ‘Creation of Academic Accounts’
29.9.2021 Webinar on ‘Read & Lead’ was conducted. Rev. Fr. A. Kingsley, Vice-Principal, Loyolo College, Mettala, Salem, Tamildau, was the resource person.
10.1.2022 Conducted a Workshop on ‘Design and Development of Digital Library using DSpace’. Dr. N. Suresh, Librarian, Government Law College, Trichy served as a resource person.
7.2.2022 Library arranged a Book Exhibition in the Indoor Auditorium of JAC. Eight book sellers from Chennai, Dindugal, Madurai, Sivagasi, Virudhunagar, Thirunelveli and Theni exhibited their books for sales.
4.4.2022 Library conducted a debate on the topic ‘சிறந்த தலைமைப்பண்பு உள்ளவர்கள் ஆண்களா? பெண்களா?’in the Central Library
5.4.2022 A speech competition was conducted by the library association on the topic ‘பெண்ணின் முன்னேற்றத்திற்கு உதவக்;கூடியவைகள் தடையாய் இருப்பவைகள;’in the Central Library. Dr. Sr. R. Fatima Mary Sylvia, Librarian was the chairperson of the competition.
20.10.2022 & 21.10.2022 Library arranged a Book Exhibition in the Indoor Auditorium. Eight book sellers displayed their books in the Book Exhibition.
6.3.2023 Conducted essay competition on ‘Ways for Successful Life of Women’
7.3.2023 ‘Word Power’ competition was conducted from Readers’ Digest magazines
8.3.2023 ‘Quiz’ competition was conducted by the library from ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper in English and Tamil
10.3.2023 ‘Debate’ competition was conducted by the library on the topic ‘Character or Knowledge which has to be developed by the Youth in the current scenario’
20.7.2023 Organized a meeting on IRINS for all the Staff in the Research Committee and IQAC staff members
10.8.2023 Organized a Book Review on ‘Freedom Fighters of India’
15.9.2023 Organised a program on ‘Uses of Inflibnet NList’ for all the research scholars and PG students in the e-library
16.11.2023 Organized a visit to the new ‘Kalaignar Centenary Library’ in Madurai
31.1.2024 Organized a Book Exhibition
3.2.2024 to 7.2.2024 Organized a Five-day short-term course on ‘Tools and Techniques for Bibliometric Research’ for the Library Professionals
6.3.2024 Organized a Book Review competition
6.3.2024 Organized a Word Power competition from the magazine ‘Readers’ Digest’
7.3.2024 Organized a Speech competition on the ‘Impact of Women Leaders in the Society’
7.3.2024 Organized an Essay competition on ‘Educational and Women Empowerment’

Member of the Library Committee

  • Dr. Sr. S. Jesurani (Principal)                       –   Chairman
  • Dr. Sr. R. Fatima Mary Sylvia (Librarian)  –    Secretary
  • Mrs.  J. Sharmila                                             –  Assistant Professor in English
  • Dr. Mrs.B. Amala Jasmine,                           –  Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Book Review

Youtube video

Youtube Link for all book reviews


Separate youtube link for each BOOK REVIEWS

ZYBER Crime awareness book, Muthuvum 30 Thirudargalum https://youtu.be/MhJOvmYUGVg

Thirukkural 391, Karpom kasadu aruppom  https://youtu.be/FWOrjmKpd7E

Menmaikkana Vazhikatti  https://youtu.be/LiC5bfIsPFw

Emotional Intelligence  https://youtu.be/fkBdT4B3BQE

Thuninthavanukke Vetri – Dare to Win https://youtu.be/7t4NVMEYN7M

Ways for Happy Life – Mahilsi Perum Vazhigal  https://youtu.be/Z6p3htg8XKA

Sleep https://youtu.be/ppM22ReP81E